The Fyre Festival is Still a Damn Mess, and Now the FBI is Involved 

Fallout from the cataclysmic Fyre Festival is still going, per a new report in the New York Times, and it’s spread from its owner and organisers to Bahamian locals. Oh, and now the FBI is apparently involved, too. Read More >>

Preschoolers Hospitalised After School Science Experiment Goes Wrong

Twelve students at a Houston preschool were injured on Tuesday when a class science experiment didn’t go as planned. Most reportedly had minor burns but seven of the students had to be rushed to a local hospital. Read More >>

Chris Cornell’s Last Tweet Shows Just How Surprising His Death Was Last Night at 52

When a celebrity dies unexpectedly, there’s a strange new ritual that fans partake in as we remember the person’s contributions to our lives. We scour the internet for the social media posts for a glimpse of their last moments. In the case of Chris Cornell, the lead singer for Soundgarden who died last night at the age of 52, we have his last tweet. Read More >>

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actor Powers Boothe Has Died At 68

According to his publicist, actor Powers Both died in his sleep last night in his Los Angeles home due to natural causes at the age of 68. Read More >>

Death Row Inmate Asks For Firing Squad After Multiple Botched Executions in the US

A death row inmate in Atlanta, Georgia, USA has asked the court to execute him by firing squad. He argues that the pain medication he’s been on for the past decade would make him less susceptible to a fast death by lethal injection. And even people who aren’t taking pain medication have died in horrifying ways over the past few years through botched executions. Read More >>

Rare Harry Potter Prequel Stolen, J.K. Rowling Pleads for Return

A one-of-a-kind Harry Potter prequel has been stolen, and author J.K. Rowling is eager to get it back in the right hands. Read More >>

Uber is a Transport Company, Says European Court Official

Maciej Szpunar, advocate general at the Court of Justice of the European Union, has decided that Uber is, in fact, a transport company. That means its going to need a licence to operate, just like everyone else. Read More >>

Tunnel Collapses at Nuclear Facility Once Called ‘an Underground Chernobyl Waiting to Happen’

Managers at the Hanford Site in Washington State told workers to “take cover” Tuesday morning after a tunnel leading to a massive plutonium finishing plant collapsed. The emergency is especially worrisome, since Hanford is commonly known as “the most toxic place in America,” with one former governor calling it “an underground Chernobyl waiting to happen.” Worrisome might actually be an understatement. Read More >>

Facebook Advertises its Fake News Distribution Prowess

Facebook is taking responsibility for the spread of "fake news" around the world in quite the unusual way, turning to full-page print adverts in some newspapers to warn readers that its social network often can't be trusted. Read More >>

The Sun Accidentally Announces Royal Death

So there was a royal announcement this morning, and it was a bit boring and to do with an old bloke deciding to spend a bit more time reading the Daily Mail by the fire, but that's not the interesting part. The fun thing is that The Sun newspaper got a bit ahead of itself in the pre-writing stakes, and accidentally pressed publish on a placeholder story reporting Prince Philip's death, in a cringeworthy gaffe worthy of the man himself. Read More >>

Prince Philip Is Retiring, Palace Announces

After an emergency all-staff meeting, Buckingham Palace announced this morning that Prince Philip will be stepping down from public life this Autumn at the age of 95. Read More >>

Fitbit Explodes on Woman’s Wrist, Because Catastrophic Failure Is Always an Option

Are you reading this on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Yes? Cool. That glowing misery rectangle has the capacity to explode the same way Milwaukee woman Dina Mitchell’s Fitbit Flex 2 did last week. Any lithium-based rechargeable battery can. It’s just extremely unlikely. Read More >>

Cleveland Facebook Killer Dead by Suicide

Pennsylvania State Police confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Steve Stephens, the Ohio man who shot and killed 74-year-old Robert Godwin on Sunday and then uploaded a video of the slaying to Facebook, is dead. Stephens had been added to the FBI Most Wanted list and after a nationwide manhunt, PSPD says officers, responding to a tip, found Stephens around 11 AM Tuesday in Eerie, Pennsylvania. After a brief stand-off, he turned the gun on himself. Read More >>

Kids are Parroting Fake News in Their Schoolwork

Fake news, or bollocks made-up stuff to give it its proper title -- has become so entrenched in society that the children are inserting nonsense learned off the internet into their schoolwork. Read More >>

LeEco, China’s Rising Tech Star, Can’t Catch a Break

A year ago, Chinese tech conglomerate LeEco, often known as “the Netflix of China,” was flying high. By many measures, the quickly growing company appeared poised to becomes a global consumer electronics powerhouse. How quickly things have changed course. Read More >>