eBay and Airbnb Join Tech Giants in Banning Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Cases

Just over a week after the massive Google walkout, some tech companies are taking strides toward ending a commonly used practice in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to keep disputes out of the limelight. And on Monday, it was revealed that two more companies followed suit. Read More >>

Group FaceTime is Finally Coming to Apple Devices Courtesy of iOS 12.1

Do you desire to show off your mesmerising mug to multiple other human beings via the medium of a digital call? Then prepare to have your day made: group video chats are finally coming to FaceTime with Apple's latest iOS update. Read More >>

Detained Interpol Chief’s Last Message to His Wife Was a Knife Emoji

Now-former Interpol head Meng Hongwei was reported missing by his wife, Grace, last week, claiming she hadn’t heard from her husband in 10 days while he was visiting China, according to the French Interior Ministry. On Sunday, Grace told reporters at a press conference in Lyon that the last message she received from her husband was a knife emoji, which she believed was him signalling to her that he was in danger. Read More >>

Hands On With Amazon’s New Alexa Devices Coming to the UK

We schlepped over to sunny Seattle for Amazon's big Alexa launch, and we know you're dying to know whether the new Echo products are any good. They're not all coming to the UK (at least not initially), but we got our hands on all the ones that are. Here are our first impressions. Read More >>

Indonesian Teen Aldi Survives 49 Days at Sea in Drifting Fishing Hut

An Indonesian teenager is safe after spending more than a month and a half at sea in a floating fishing hut, The Jakarta Post reports. Read More >>

New Alexa Devices: All the Best Bits from Amazon’s Launch Event

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon held a launch event at its extraterrestrial-looking The Spheres venue in Seattle today, where it unveiled a host of new devices that include Alexa-powered sound equipment, smart home gadgets and even a microwave. Read More >>

Amazon is Launching a Whole Set of New Alexa Devices Today

If you didn't think there were already too many smart assistant devices on the market, you're in luck: Amazon is launching a whole new range of Echo hardware in Seattle today. Read More >>

Soulless Tech Billionaire Loser Shake Arrives in the UK

Remember how some tech dudes in America decided that eating needed solving? The end result of this was Soylent, the disastrously named crowd-funded tech drink for people too important to eat lunch the normal way or take time out from their important connected lives to peel a sodding banana; nutrition for men for whom eating an antiquated sandwich is wasting time they could be scooting around a campus barking out ideas for new health apps for lesser-paid men called Matt to develop. Read More >>

Russian Poisoning Suspects Say They’re Sports Nutrition Businessmen, Hope the ‘Real Perpetrators’ Are Caught

Two Russian men identified by British police as the perpetrators of a nerve agent attack on British soil insist that they’re innocent. They’ve been accused of acting as Russian intelligence agents and attacking a former double agent in Salisbury, but the two men say that they’re just regular businessmen who work in sports nutrition. They want the “real perpetrators” to be caught and for the British government to issue an apology. Read More >>

US Officials Suspect Russian Involvement in Mystery Attacks Against American Diplomats in Cuba and China: Report

What made US diplomats in Cuba and China severely sick over the past two years? We still don’t know for sure. But US officials now suspect that the Russian government might have had something to do with it. At least that’s the theory being floated by anonymous sources to NBC News. Read More >>

Yes, Vanilla Ice Really Was on That Quarantined Flight From Dubai

Yesterday, a flight that had left Dubai in the United Arab Emirates landed at JFK International Airport in the US state of New York with 549 passengers and crew on board—and was promptly quarantined due to a mysterious ailment spreading throughout the cabin. In the neighbourhood of 100 people on board showed symptoms including coughing, fever, and vomiting, though only 11 ended up being taken to hospitals for evaluation. Read More >>

Plane Quarantined at US Airport After Passengers Mysteriously Fall Ill

Investigators from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are currently investigating a plane on the tarmac at JFK International Airport in the state of New York after several passengers became ill. Read More >>

Chelsea Manning May Be Banned From Entering Australia: Report

Whistleblower and political activist Chelsea Manning is supposed to start her Australian speaking tour at the Sydney Opera House this Sunday. But that could all change if she isn’t allowed to enter the country. Manning is reportedly facing some trouble getting a visa from the politically turbulent government down under. Read More >>

Dead Man’s Text Message Isn’t a Legally Valid Will, French Court Says

A French man going through a divorce reportedly sent a text to his sister saying that he wanted their mum to inherit part of his estate instead of his wife. But when he later died by suicide, the family’s solicitor didn’t include the text message as part of the final will—a decision recently reaffirmed in a court of law. Read More >>

Stan Lee Has Been Granted a 3-Year Restraining Order Against His Former Manager And Guardian

In the weeks since Stan Lee returned to the public eye and began distancing himself from his former manager and legal guardian Keya Morgan—a man Lee himself alleges tried to gain control of the Marvel legend’s considerable wealth—more details have come to light about Morgan’s behavior. Read More >>