Bizarre Newspaper/Bottled Water Promotion to End

The Daily Telegraph will no longer be sold alongside a bottle of water at train stations, airports and your usual WHSmiths-of-last-resort, as plummeting profits at the newspaper group has triggered a rethink in strategy. Read More >>

Report: Apple Is Trying to Get Newspapers to Fork Over Half of Revenue From Planned Subscription Service

Tech giant Apple, which is trying to pivot to services as sales of some of its electronics slow, is reportedly working to launch a subscription-based news service that would get readers past paywalls and share the revenues with publishers. But according to a Tuesday report in the Wall Street Journal, many of those publishers aren’t thrilled with those terms – especially because Apple wants half. Read More >>

The Guardian Now Comes Wrapped In Potatoes At Weekends

The Guardian's supplements came wrapped in a plastic substitute this weekend, but only in some areas. Read More >>

Comic From 1913 Predicted Innovations for Newspapers of the Future

A lot of things were supposed to kill newspapers in the 20th century. There was radio, then TV, then the internet. Somehow newspapers have survived, in one form or another. But it’s still interesting to take a look at the predictions that people of yesterday had for how the news business would change. Like this comic strip from 1913 about the newspaper of tomorrow. Read More >>

The Natural History Museum Found A Load Of Ancient Newspapers Inside A Whale

An enormous blue whale skeleton that's been at the Natural History Museum since 1892 has been found to contain a cache of 80-year-old newspapers. Read More >>

Northern Newspaper 24 Launches Today

A newspaper designed to have a certain "northern flavour" has launched today. Called 24, the concept is to bin the usual London-centric media nonsense in favour of something that gives more weight to the stories from the upper parts of the UK while remaining politically neutral. Read More >>

Have You Read the UK’s New Daily Newspaper Yet?

We thought the country had had enough of newspapers seeing as we're closing them and would rather spend our commutes rearranging fruit on mobile phones and sniggering at funny cat photos, but apparently not -- there's a new daily newspaper in the UK today, one that promises to be all straightforward, apolitical and honest. Read More >>

Independent Newspaper to go Digital-Only in March Following Sale

The Independent and Independent on Sunday Newspapers are going digital-only from March, retiring its long-standing print editions as part of a sale. Read More >>

Cutting Trees From Newspapers is The Height of Irony

Newspaper writers often joke about how their industry is all about selling dead trees. Well, one artist decided to flip that around, making dead trees emerge from newspapers. Read More >>

Murdoch Hints at Tits-Free Future for The Sun’s Page 3

Rupert Murdoch has dictated another tweet to his secretary, once again tackling the difficult subject of the Page 3 Stunner. He said he thinks the paper's controversial topless pics are "old fashioned" before pondering the ageless question: "Aren't beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes?" making it sound as if the tits-away order may be about to be issued to The Sun. [Twitter] Read More >>

The Times is Blasting Journalists With Typewriter Sound Effects

Rupert Murdoch must be feeling nostalgic: Reporters in The Times' newsroom are working under a constant soundtrack of (artificial) typewriter clatter. It's an experiment to "increase energy levels," and for a generation of reporters who grew up on word processors, it's probably torture. Read More >>

Editor Accidentally Copy-Pastes Facebook Status Into Newspaper Article

Readers of the Memphis Commercial Appeal found a strangely out-of-place paragraph in an article about business zoning regulations: A 350-plus word status update apparently intended for the Facebook page of the newspaper's copy editor. At least she alerted us that it'd be long. Read More >>

£33m Monument to Newspapers Opens at British Library Today

The British Library's new reading room is now open for business at the St Pancras building, with the Newsroom opening up access to the library's full archive of papers. A staggering 750m pages from papers and magazines are contained inside, along with 4.8m pages from web sites. Read More >>

LED Holders Upgrade Newspapers With the Latest Headlines

If you've ever read the newspaper in a library or a coffee shop, you've probably used those long wooden holders that help make them slightly easier to wrangle without tearing the pages and impossible to pilfer. But an ad agency in Switzerland found a way to make them even more useful with invisible LED news tickers that enhance the day-old papers with the latest headlines. Read More >>