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Cute Animation Explains Newton’s Laws of Motion

Do you remember Newton’s laws of motion? Something something apple, right? No! Something something force equals mass times acceleration? That’s more like it. That’s only the second law, there are two others laws of motion that you’ll find out in the video below. The animation to Mars is neat enough to watch even if you already know them. Read More >>

Every Satellite Got Into Space Thanks to Newton’s Law of Gravitation

What goes up must come down — though not always in the way you’d expect. This is Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation, and you can thank it for GPS, Google Earth and even the pictures beamed back from the other side of the Solar System. Here’s why. Read More >>

30 Years of Apple’s Guided Tours, From Awkward to Amazing

The Apple Watch has started hitting wrists with one of the most incredibly enormous user guides ever produced for an Apple product: 23 topics, almost 100 pages, not even including the 10 videos produced to teach people how to use this thing. Apple started creating “guided tours” for its new products back in 1984—here are some highlights from over the years. Read More >>

This Simple Disc of Metal Helped Change Science Forever

It might not look much, but this small disc of metal helped shape science because it was the primary mirror in Sir Isaac Newton's original reflecting telescope. Read More >>

Apple Ignored Qualcomm’s Suggestion of Adding a Radio to the Newton

All the way back in the '90s, Qualcomm approached Apple to suggest that it might want to put a radio in its Newton PDA. It could have led to the first ever iPhone two decades early —but instead, Apple told Qualcomm to stick its radio chip somewhere else. Read More >>

The iPad Is Dangerous In Bed

This Taiwanese girl just learned the laws of gravity from her iPad. Not the apps inside the iPad, but the iPad itself. While holding the tablet over her head in bed, she dozed off. That's when decided to deliver his first and second laws directly to her face, in the form of a mouthful of Apple technology. Read More >>