RIP, Nextbit Robin cloud-based smartphone

Nextbit, maker of the Robin cloud-based smartphone, has announced that it's "joining the Razer family" - in other words, its staff and assets have been acquired by the gaming hardware company. A post announcing the move explains that "Nextbit will operate as an independent division inside Razer, focused on unique mobile design and experiences." Read More >>

Nextbit Robin Review: A Great Smartphone With its Head in the Clouds

Smartphones can be boring. These tiny machines of glass-and-metal have fundamentally changed how we communicate with one another, but they also look incredibly similar. You do a slight upgrade here, more powerful silicon there, all tied up in a familiar rectangular body and suddenly you’ve just made The Year’s Best Smartphone. Read More >>

Nextbit Wants to Enable Magic App-Sharing for Android

App continuity is all the rage at the moment, thanks to Apple's recently introduced feature to share apps and data between iOS and OS X devices. Nextbit, a software team of ex-Googlers, is trying to bring the same electronic wizardry to Android. Read More >>