Rumour: HTC May be Making the Next Nexus Tablet

Well, it was hardly going to be Motorola now, amirite? A Taiwanese news report suggests that HTC will be following in the footsteps of ASUS and Samsung, delivering the next entry into the Nexus tablet line. Read More >>

Will 2013’s Nexus 10 From LG Hit the Play Store This Month?

LG has proved itself time and again with Google's Nexus handsets, and it seems now as though the big G could be handing the South Korean tech giants the reins to the Nexus 10 tablet line. Read More >>

Nexus 10 Specs Leak and Removed From Google Play Store In a Few Swift, Sloppy Minutes

The amount of times Google branded hardware "accidentally" turns up on the Play Store before it's supposed to you'd be forgiven for thinking that the big G was purposefully leaking it all, huh? That's what's happened with the forthcoming Nexus 10 tablet, which had its guts spilled all across the store before being swiftly taken down. Read More >>

Android Rumours: New Nexus 10, and Tasty KitKat

It's a double serving of Android rumours today, with hardware and software both well represented. On the physical devices side, we've maybe-possibly got a leaked press render of the Nexus 10, and on the other hand, details of what might be in store with Android version 4.4, the ever-tasty KitKat. Read More >>

Nexus 10 Is Your “iPad Air? Bah!” Deal of the Day

With everyone going into an onanistic frenzy over the new iPad Air, it is worth remembering that, when Apple brings anything out, everyone starts dropping their prices in a bid to lure everyone to Android, like would-be sexual partners dropping their scads at you once they've noticed you're married. Read More >>

How the iPad Air Stacks Up to the Tablet Market’s Top Dogs

The newer, shinier, and freshly named iPad Air is finally here—and goddamn is it thin. But while super-skinny is nice and all, it doesn't necessarily make for a better device (nor was the now-old iPad big-boned by any means). So let's take a look at how the iPad Air compares to its toughest competition. Read More >>

An Asus-Built Google Nexus 10 Tablet Appears to Be on Its Way

We've had a revised Nexus 7 tablet already this year, so naturally it's about time we got a re-worked Nexus 10 tablet too. And it looks as though it's almost ready! But not from the manufacturer you're expecting; it seems Samsung has lost the Nexus 10 contract to Nexus 7 manufacturers Asus. Read More >>

Refreshed Nexus 10 Said to Arrive “In the Near Future”

While speaking with journalists after last night's three-pronged Google Android 4.3/Nexus 7/Chromecast spectacular, the company's Sundar Pichai reportedly told people that Samsung's preparing an updated Nexus 10 to sit alongside the new Asus-made Nexus 7. Read More >>

Samsung Preparing Quad-Core Nexus 10 Upgrade?

Rumours suggest that Samsung's hard-to-buy Nexus 10 tablet is about to receive a small hardware update, with the Korean maker of glossy rectangular items said to be working on a new quad-core version of its Nexus 10. Read More >>

android update
December’s Back With a Vengeance

After rudely being left out in the cold by Google, December's finally back, and it's pissed. Android 4.2.1 has just rolled out bringing with it the month of Christmas, and a load of random bug fixes. If you've got yourself a Nexus 4, 7 or 10, check for updates. Read More >>

Nexus 10 Teardown: See the Other Side of That Beautiful Screen

The Nexus 10 is pretty pretty, but what do it's innards look like? Powerbook Medic found out when they vivisected one of the impressive new £319 tabs, and laid out its guts for all of us to see. Read More >>

Nexus 4
Grabbed Your LG Nexus 4 Yet? Hard Luck, It Sold Out In Under an Hour

Blimey, priced to sell is a bit of an understatement for Google's latest Nexus devices, and sell they bloody-well did. Google's stock was apparently cleaned out in under an hour, so if you want a cheap Nexus 4 or Nexus 10, you've got a bit of a wait on your hands. Or you could head down your local network store and fork out an extra ton or so in change. Read More >>

Google: Nexus 10 Is an Experiment to Rescue an Underpowered Tablet Market

Interesting, if damning, commentary from Google suggests that the Nexus 10 is an experiment in resuscitating a tablet market which is overcrowded with expensive and underpowered 10-inch tablets. Read More >>

lightning review
Google Nexus 10 Review: It’s Pretty Pretty

Back in June, Google launched the Nexus 7 tablet. It was as fast as most high-end tablets, and it only cost £160. It was a major hit. But not everybody is sold on the seven-inch form factor yet. Which is why the Nexus 10 is here to steal your hearts. Read More >>

Nexus 10 Hands-On: A Tablet You Can Split With Everyone

There are few bad things to say about the Nexus 10—maybe one or two. The rest is good. Very good. It’s plain and fast and nice and doesn’t weigh too much. And now you and your roommates and mom can share it. Lovely. Read More >>