Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2012) Will Also Get Android Lollipop

At its initial announcement, Google neglected to detail the software fate of two of its ageing devices—the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 (2012). Luckily, Android Lollipop will also extend to include its more senior family members. Read More >>

Nexus 4 Burning Up and Smashing its Battery After Android 4.4 KitKat Update

The KitKat release for Google and LG's older Nexus 4 phone is now live, with users able to upgrade to the very newest Android release right now. But it's not going down well with some, who claim the phone's now going berserk, draining its battery in an hour and becoming seriously hot to the touch. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Camera Battle: Welcome to Photography, Google

Last year's Nexus 4 was a wonderful phone paired with a miserably subpar camera. By contrast, the Nexus 5 is loaded with all the excellence Google and LG could muster, including a camera that can almost keep up with the big boys. Here's how it stacks up. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Leaked Benchmark Scores Reveal Raw Power Over S4 Results

If you like your Android vanilla and your phone hardware fast, the next Nexus handset looks like the one to start saving for. We've got no idea what it looks like yet but, going by a slew of leaked benchmark test results from GFXBench, the Nexus 5 will have power to spare. Read More >>

A Cheap Huawei Phone Is Your “Gap Yah, Brah”-Roaming Deal of the Day

As Three has announced that they'll be allowing customers to roam to seven countries abroad while continuing to use their UK calls, texts and data allowances, you might want to think about getting yourself a cheap PAYG phone in order to take advantage. Read More >>

Google UK Starts Selling its New Nexus 7, Nexus 4 Discounted to a Staggering £159

It's a big day for fans of Google-approved Android hardware, as the tech god has now started selling the 2013 edition Nexus 7 direct from its site. And seeing as you're there, why not chuck a hugely discounted Nexus 4 in your basket too? Read More >>

Android 4.3 Is Rolling Out to the UK and Should Speed Up Your Old Nexus

While on the face of it Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is a bit of a minor update, what with it just adding a bit of profile and Bluetooth magic, as well as Open GLES 3.0. But it seems Google's enabled TRIM support in the update for its Nexus line of phones and tablets, which means your Nexus should get a welcome speed boost right about now. Read More >>

Have You Got Your Android 4.3 Update Yet?

Google's latest Android 4.3 code is supposed to be arriving via over-the-air updates to owners of current generation Nexus devices right now, bringing a handful of new features and plenty of behind-the-scenes tweaks to the Android hardcore. Have you got yours yet? Read More >>

Android 4.3 Leaked for Nexus 4, Nearly Fully Working

A version of Android 4.3 has come out of Google via slightly odd means, thanks to a Google staff member selling a Nexus 4 with a near-final version of the OS update onboard. The code's been extracted and released and, bar a missing radio, would appear to be a virtually complete version of the next version of Android. If you'd like to give it a whirl, all you need can be found over at Android Police. [Android Central via MoDaCo] Read More >>

The Next LG Optimus G2 Actually Looks a Lot Like the Next Nexus 4

Though it may seem like LG is forgotten in a world of S's and Ones, LG actually made the very great Nexus 4 and the super fast LG Optimus G Pro. So in making the upcoming Optimus G2, LG seems to have combined both phones. Taking the namesake of the Optimus G, the G2 looks to be a lot curvier like the Nexus 4. Let's hope it doesn't get in its own way with its software. Read More >>

Nexus 4
Report: LG’s Been Ditched By Google and Isn’t Making the Nexus 5

After firing out the white Nexus 4 into the ether, it seems LG's not gotten the nod from Google for the fabled Nexus 5, which begs the question: Who's making Google's next iconic phone? Read More >>

The White Nexus 4 Is Finally Real

LG just spat out the white Nexus 4. Unfortunately, other than the white skin on the back, there's nothing different about it compared the black version. No Android 4.3, no LTE, no MicroSD slot. Still, it looks pretty in white, although from the front you wouldn't even know it wasn't all-black on the back. Available from May 29th starting in Hong Kong and eventually rolling out to markets world-wide over the next few weeks. Read More >>

Rumour: White Knight Nexus 4 Ushering In Android 4.3 on June 10th

I'm not sure if it's actually better looking in white or not, but apparently Android and Me has one physically in hand. The white Nexus 4 is supposedly a carbon-copy of the black version we know and love, just with a white body and Android 4.3 (no LTE mentioned). Take with a pinch of sodium chloride for now, but surely everyone who's likely to want a Nexus 4 has already bought one? [Android and Me] Read More >>

Nexus 4 on the Way Out? Some Retailers Stop Selling it, Suspiciously Near Rumoured “Nexus 5” Date

A couple of the largest phone shops in the UK have stopped stocking Google and LG's sweet Nexus 4, with both Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U no longer listing it. This has led people who like to think about things to think it means a Nexus 5 launch at next week's Google I/O event is practically guaranteed. Read More >>

Nexus 4
Rumour: LG and Google Polishing up a Nexus 5

Google and LG might be about to repeat the Nexus 4 trick again this year, with rumours from Korea suggesting the pair will launch some sort of "Nexus 5" at some point -- and they're discussing working together on other forms of hardware, too. Read More >>