The Nexus 5X Is the Resurrection of the Best Phone Google Ever Made

In 2013, LG made the Nexus 5, and I loved it. It was a simple device, a slab of a phone really with 1080p LCD display and matte plastic finish. But at £299, it was incredibly cheap and held its own with the very best. Now, LG and Google return with the Nexus 5X. Read More >>

Google’s “Nexus Protect” or AppleCare Clone Spotted on Shop Pages

Pop-up text placed within the source code of Google's own web shop appear to show that it has some sort of AppleCare clone on the way, with potential buyers of the current-gen Nexus 6 finding references to a mysterious feature known as Nexus Protect listed on its product pages. Read More >>

Nexus 5 2015 Specs, Images, Release Date Rumours: Everything We Know So Far

In 2013 Google released the Nexus 5 to huge acclaim: The handset was sufficiently powerful, had a nice form factor (with a 4.95-inch screen) and best of all ran Google's vanilla version of Android, rather than a version of the operating system infested with manufacturer bloatware. It was basically the perfect Android device. Read More >>

Say Goodbye to Nexus 5, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

Google says goodbye to great hardware, Uber wants women, and the £8,000 Apple Watch gets some much needed ribbing. All this and more on today's BitStream. Read More >>

The Nexus 5 Isn’t Dead, it’s Just On Hiatus

Despite rumors suggesting that Google's wonderful $350 Nexus 5 had met its untimely demise, we've confirmed with Google that the Nexus 5 isn't gone for good. At least not yet. Read More >>

The End is Nigh for Google’s Nexus 5 as Production Stops

Google seems to be engineering a few smartphone collector's items. Speaking to TechRadar, it's confirmed that last year's Nexus 5 won't be getting a further production run, stating that "once they are gone, they're gone." Read More >>

Watch Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Go Head-to-Head

The team at 9to5Mac managed to get their hands on a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, a car that's particularly special in its ability to run both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay side-by-side. Thankfully, they did what every good gadgeteer should with the opportunity: an extensive comparison video. Read More >>

How the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Stack Up Against Their Toughest Competition

The new iPhones are here! They're sleek and rounded, just like the leaked photos we've been seeing for months. But now we finally know what's inside that Jony Ive-designed shell. How do Apple's latest and greatest measure up to the stiff smartphone competition? Let's see. Read More >>

How Does the LG G3 Stack Up Against its Rivals?

It suffered its fair share of pre-launch leaks and rumours, but LG's G3 flagship smartphone managed to keep a handful of secrets back for last night's launch event. With a 2560 x 1440 resolution screen, a Laser Auto Focus camera and speedy quad-core processor, it has left nothing to chance. But does it have what it takes to impress over its iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 competition? Read More >>

Could This £229 Quad-Core Beast Bring CyanogenMod to the Masses?

Being "the best custom version of Android" is kind of like being a Winter Olympics medal-winner: an amazing achievement, for sure, but it doesn't change the fact that no-one's actually heard of you. That could all be about to change, however, as CyanogenMod has teamed up to put their custom version of Google's OS on a super-cheap but awesomely specced-out new phone. Read More >>

Why Google Might Just Kill the Nexus

Since its inception, Google's Nexus line has been a showcase for pure, untouched Android in some of the finest hardware available. It's produced probably the best Android phone yet. And Google would be crazy not to kill it. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Camera With Android 4.4.1 Test Shots: A Speed Focus Machine

The Nexus line's reputation of bad camera phones seems to have stopped at the Nexus 5, but Google isn't limiting the improvement to hardware. The Nexus 5's 4.4.1 update took what was already a much better camera and improved its launch time and focus speeds by half a second. That may not seem like much, but in photography it makes all the difference. Read More >>

Android 4.4 Explodes Onto… 1.1 Per Cent of Android Devices

The latest set of Android user version data shows that Google and its hardware buddies still haven't got it together when it comes to rolling out the newest versions of its code, with just 1.1 per cent of all Android users on the latest KitKat software a month after it first appeared on the Nexus 5. Read More >>

10 of the Best Nexus 5 Cases to Protect Your Bargain of the Century

So the Nexus 5 has finally been released, and now it's time to accessorise it like a five-year-old's Barbie. The Nexus might not have fancy clothes like the iPhone 5 but there's no reason Android owners can't have fun as well. If you go through phones faster than you go through toothbrushes maybe it's time to invest in a case. Here are the best cases currently available for your new pride and joy. Read More >>