NHS Hospital Shops Face Sugary Drinks Ban

NHS hospital shops in England are the latest to join the war on sugar, with a group of in-hospital food and drink providers agreeing to cut the amount of sugary liquids they sell to their captive audiences. Read More >>

No More Free Pile Cream, Says NHS Boss

The Chief Exec of NHS England has announced a list of treatments that GPs will be told to stop prescribing, including hayfever remedies, gluten-free food and haemorrhoid cream. Read More >>

No More Needles? Fake Blood Takes A Step Forward

Giving blood is an immensely noble and selfless thing to do, but it's no picnic. Needle-phobes will be happy to know that science has a solution on the way: mass-produced artificial blood, which is now more likely than ever before. Read More >>

NHS Trust Could Use Uber to Wheel About the Sick

One London NHS trust that covers five of the capital's hospitals is thinking about using Uber cars to carry patients between departments and locations, in the hope that shuffling them around beds in such a manner might free up space quicker and lessen some of the stress placed on the ambulance service. Read More >>

NHS to Install “Bionic Eye” in 10 Blind Patients

10 people are about to benefit from an incredibly futuristic and potentially life-changing treatment on the NHS -- the installation of a retinal implant that could bring back a degree of sight to the blind. The only downside is people might think it's a Google Glass. Read More >>

Papers for Prescriptions, Please

The NHS may soon require one or two forms of ID to be shown before receiving some kinds of treatments, as part of moves that want to help our healthcare trusts reclaim the costs of treatment given to overseas visitors. Read More >>

NHS Email System on its Knees As ‘Reply All’ Chaos Hits 1.2 Million Staff

Think you're having a bad Monday? An IT guy carrying out work for the NHS is currently being ripped to shreds by his colleagues -- and millions of Twitter users -- after kicking off a small chain of events that reportedly concluded with the entire system crashing. Read More >>

NHS England Loses Appeal Over HIV Preventative Drug PrEP

The NHS has lost its appeal over the provision of controversial anti-HIV infection drug PrEP, with a court ruling that the decision made in August should stand. Read More >>

GP Receptionists Put People Off Making Appointments

Receptionists being a bit over curious about why people need an appointment to see a GP could be putting people off going to the doctor's altogether, with a survey saying the good old British fear of causing a fuss might be to blame. Read More >>

Online NHS Records, Disease Chat and Apps Coming in 2017

The latest effort to make the NHS into some sort of edgy youth brand have been unveiled by the health secretary, which include a new online 111 response system for investigating minor illnesses then getting a call back if it sounds like you might be about to die. Read More >>

Disability Rights Group Outraged by ‘Spy-Like’ Job Coaches in GP Surgeries

A trial within one London council area that sees job coaches installed in family doctor surgeries is not going down well with disabled people, who say the concept is akin to spying -- and could lead to people with disabilities staying away from GPs out of the fear of having their entitlements challenged. Read More >>

NHS Watchdogs to Track Healthcare Whiners on Facebook

The new chairman of the Care Quality Commission has arrived on the job with a new idea -- monitoring social media for signs of unrest within the NHS. Good luck with that. Read More >>

Almost All NHS Apps Have Serious Security Problems

Something known as the Annual State of Application Security Report has happened or been made or something, with the list writers analysing the security strength and technical box-ticking of numerous health and finance apps. They didn't do as well as you might expect of things charged with protecting our most personal data. Read More >>

NHS Paid £92 Million to Make Staff Redundant — Then Hired Them Again

The baffling quagmire of money and administration that holds together the NHS has thrown up some extremely odd new numbers, with figures suggesting that £92 million has been spent on paying off staff made redundant who were subsequently rehired on new contracts. Read More >>

The Sick Will Be Saved… By Free NHS Hospital Wi-Fi

All NHS buildings in England will soon have complimentary Wi-Fi inside them to alleviate the boredom of waiting for clinic appointments and operations to happen, with a scheme to replace today's patchwork coverage of paid services and no services hopefully in place by the year 2020. Read More >>