NHS Remains Full Analogue in Nearly 90% of Trusts

A series of Freedom of Information requests logged with our national NHS trusts show that the health providers remain a very, very long way away from being anything like paperless in their communications methods, with just 12 per cent of trusts offering a full digital internal communications dream. Read More >>

Anti-Headache Machine Launches on NHS Prescriptions

The tech dudes have made a product that people actually need for once, with pain relief device GammaCore doing such a great job of beating extreme headaches that it's to join the NHS's arsenal of health gadgetry available on prescription. Read More >>

NHS to Make Whistleblowing Easier for Staff

The NHS is to end the practise of asking staff to sign non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, documents which bind them to secrecy over what they've seen. It's to encourage and protect whistleblowers within the health service, as such speaker-outers are seen as a vital cog in the enormous NHS machine. Read More >>

Government Launches NHSX to Bring NHS Tech Up to Date

After the groundbreaking recent revelation that doctors should consider using this new-fangled thing called email, it's a pleasant surprise to hear that a new unit has sprung up to modernise NHS tech. Read More >>

NHS Told to Embrace Modern Tech Solution “Email” to Directly Message Patients

The innovative new communications protocol of email should be used as the default option within the NHS, says health secretary Matt Hancock, in news that should really have come via a fax machine regional bulletin from 1996. Read More >>

The NHS Will Use Alexa To Find At-Risk Patients

We've already heard that smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo might soon be able to call 999 for you (but in the meantime, please don't rely on Alexa to contact the authorities), and now it seems they'll perform another vital role in the UK. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able To Pay For Gene Tests On The NHS

The NHS doesn't tend to offer paid-for services, but has made an exception for the increasingly popular genetic sequencing. Read More >>

NHS Prescribes Apps For Depressed Five-Year-Olds

Mental health treatment, like most parts of the NHS, is severely underfunded. We could argue all day about the causes and potential solutions to that fact, but in the meantime, there are kids that need therapy. And the NHS has decided to do something about it – something it actually has the funds and resources to do. Read More >>

NHS Invests in Modern Drunk Tanks to Unclog the Nation’s A&Es

The NHS is putting around £300,000 into funding the UK's varied network of "drunk tanks" and their like, hoping that the charitable emergency crash pads might stop so many drunks being thrown from taxis outside hospitals and left for the nation's emergency staff to wipe down, pump out, and send home again to repeat it all the next day. Read More >>

Nearly a Quarter of NHS Trusts Have No Qualified Cybersecurity Staff

Freedom of Information requests filed with the UK's network of NHS trusts appears to show that many are woefully unprepared for a future in which they rely on computers more than fax machines, with 24 of the 108 NHS trusts asked for staff data saying they have literally no one on the payroll vaguely qualified in technical cybersecurity matters. Read More >>

Futuristic “Fax” Technology to be Banned from the NHS by 2020

It's funny to remember every once in a while that the NHS does indeed force its staff to battle with fax machines on a daily basis, but that could soon be coming to an end. The government has yielded to doctor-led pressure group Axe the Fax and has decided to outlaw the purchasing of fax technology within the NHS from next year, with the aim of getting rid of the ancient hard messaging system completely by 2020. Read More >>

NHS Staff Offered Free Ubers for Christmas

Here's a FEELGOOD Christmas story involving two of the most commonplace things in the UK – Uber and the NHS. Because our public transport system tends to close down for Christmas, NHS staff can be left stuck for a way to get in to work, as the sick don't all magically heal themselves and politely check out on Christmas Eve. Hence some workers employed by the NHS are about to enjoy the luxury of taking Uber rides for free on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, making it easier for them to get to their hospitals and clinics of work during bus/train lockdown. Read More >>

GPs Told to Prescribe an Appreciation of the Arts Now

The plan to prescribe more social activities and walks to relieve some of the burden faced by the NHS is to be expanded, with the health secretary saying he's to encourage doctors to tell people to endure some "arts" and then, perhaps, after watching some godawful play for two-and-a-half hours, their problems won't seem to bad. Read More >>

WannaCry Ransomware Cost The NHS £92m

The ransomware nightmare that was WannaCry cost the NHS close to £100m when it ripped through vital computer systems like a digital plague last year. Read More >>

NHS Doctors Can Prescribe Cannabis Products From November

A really tiny good thing has happened. In 2018. Seriously. After the heartbreaking cases of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley – boys whose epilepsy would only calm down when treated with cannabis oil – hit the headlines, special measures were introduced to make their cannabis products available on a case by case basis. That's now about to change again, with the NHS able to widely prescribe cannabis-derived medicines from November 1. Read More >>