Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix Goop Series Branded a “Health Risk” by NHS Boss

Gwyneth Paltrow's latest set of advice about where to insert a stick of celery and maybe a carrot if you're relaxed enough has not gone down well with the boss of NHS England, who has branded the celebrity's oft-mocked collection of pseudoscientific health hacks that are now on Netflix a "considerable health risk." Read More >>

NHS Plans Fitness Boot Camps for Cancer Patients

The NHS is testing a scheme where those about to undergo chemotherapy or a major operation are encouraged to get ripped first -- if they are able -- with a trial offering free prescription exercise sessions within days of being diagnosed. Read More >>

NHS App Library Adds its First Game From Mental Health Startup eQuoo

The NHS says that over half of GPs can now refer patients directly to eQuoo - the only game in the NHS' app library. Read More >>

Amazon’s NHS Collaboration Will See the US Company Get Access to Medical Data for Free

It turns out that the government's deal with Amazon to provide medical date for Alexa to parrot at people is a bit shit for the NHS. Read More >>

Huge Medical Cannabis Trial Targets 20,000 UK Patients

Doctors hope to solve the issue of the benefits of medicinal cannabis once and for all this year, when a trial involving input from 20,000 UK patients is set to get under way. Read More >>

A Radio Enthusiast Was Livestreaming Sensitive Medical Patient Information Being Sent to Pagers

Pagers used within the NHS are leaking sensitive patient information, and an amateur radio enthusiast has been broadcasting some of that medical data on a webcam livestream, a security researcher has found. Read More >>

NHS Prescriptions Go Fully Digital in England Next Month

Confused old women in need of more cataract cream and hardcore painkillers to make the days bearable are going to have to learn something new next month, as the UK's NHS prescription service for England is kicking over to an entirely digital way of working that will save millions of pounds' worth of little bits of paper. Read More >>

Milton Keynes Disassembles Art Project That Revealed NHS Patient Data

A public art project in Milton Keynes is currently being reworked, after bales of recycled paper used in the sculpture's base were found to be made of vast collections of NHS files containing confidential patient data. Read More >>

High Street Chemists Start Offering Heart Checks

Next time you're in your local pharmacy or chemist picking up your thing that's too embarrassing for the supermarket, there might be a little something extra on offer. No, the youth behind the till isn't cracking open the hardcore painkillers and selling them for £5 a pop; there's going to be more in the way of rolling personal health checks on offer, particularly those examining the nation's heart health. Read More >>

Alexa Starts Trawling NHS Web Sites to Give Health Answers

News that the NHS is collaborating with Amazon won't go down with the security-minded sectors of society today, although obviously Amazon says any weird health questions you say out loud to your little speaker friend will remain confidential. Read More >>

The NHS Wants the Blood of Our Young Men and is Pulling out All the Stops to Get It

The NHS is using tried-and-tested marketing techniques to target men because it desperately needs their blood, and the fact that it's shoehorning in football references wherever it can proves it means business. Read More >>

NHS Wants Mumsnet to Help Fill Jobs Black Hole

Mumsnet, which is like 4chan but for asking if it's still OK to hit kids if they're your own and you do it gently and not in the face, is about to be phished for staff by the NHS, as health service bosses think it's heaving with the sort of people you'd want stitching you back together in the nation's hospital wards. Read More >>

NHS Remains Full Analogue in Nearly 90% of Trusts

A series of Freedom of Information requests logged with our national NHS trusts show that the health providers remain a very, very long way away from being anything like paperless in their communications methods, with just 12 per cent of trusts offering a full digital internal communications dream. Read More >>

Anti-Headache Machine Launches on NHS Prescriptions

The tech dudes have made a product that people actually need for once, with pain relief device GammaCore doing such a great job of beating extreme headaches that it's to join the NHS's arsenal of health gadgetry available on prescription. Read More >>

NHS to Make Whistleblowing Easier for Staff

The NHS is to end the practise of asking staff to sign non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, documents which bind them to secrecy over what they've seen. It's to encourage and protect whistleblowers within the health service, as such speaker-outers are seen as a vital cog in the enormous NHS machine. Read More >>