GPs Told to Prescribe an Appreciation of the Arts Now

The plan to prescribe more social activities and walks to relieve some of the burden faced by the NHS is to be expanded, with the health secretary saying he's to encourage doctors to tell people to endure some "arts" and then, perhaps, after watching some godawful play for two-and-a-half hours, their problems won't seem to bad. Read More >>

WannaCry Ransomware Cost The NHS £92m

The ransomware nightmare that was WannaCry cost the NHS close to £100m when it ripped through vital computer systems like a digital plague last year. Read More >>

NHS Doctors Can Prescribe Cannabis Products From November

A really tiny good thing has happened. In 2018. Seriously. After the heartbreaking cases of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley – boys whose epilepsy would only calm down when treated with cannabis oil – hit the headlines, special measures were introduced to make their cannabis products available on a case by case basis. That's now about to change again, with the NHS able to widely prescribe cannabis-derived medicines from November 1. Read More >>

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What The New NHS App Will Look Like – And Why It Could Have Been So Much Worse

NHS patients could soon be making appointments, renewing prescriptions and even declaring what sort of end-of-life care they want to receive by using a new app, the details of which Gizmodo UK can exclusively reveal today. Read More >>

NHS Needs “More Apps” to Help Solve its Woes

New health secretary Matt Hancock, a man who has an interesting personal history with apps, has decided he knows what the NHS really needs more of. It is not more fax machines. It is apps. Apps will help, he thinks, especially when it comes to dealing with young people, who can only communicate via emoticons. Sad face > ankle > explosion, that sort of thing. Read More >>

Doctors Told to Prescribe More Gardening

The UK's new health secretary is already bringing the ideas from his notebook to the political stage, with one of Matt Hancock's first pronouncements being an increase in the amount of money set aside in the health budget for "social prescribing" – the art of GPs sending people away with the key to an allotment or a voucher for a local samba class. Read More >>

Yes, the NHS Really is Massively Keen on Everyone Faxing Everyone

Odd old stories we assumed were lies have been proven true by a series of Freedom of Information requests, which have found that the NHS really is heavily reliant on antiquated old fax machines to transmit written messages between hospitals. Read More >>

The NHS Appointment-Booking App is Coming This Year

The digital part of the NHS is preparing to launch an official, health service-wide smartphone app, with the power to let the ill or the just worried book an appointment through their magical interaction devices. Read More >>

data breach
Hospital Fires Worker for Looking at Ed Sheeran’s Health Records

Workers at a NHS hospital were reprimanded for their role in an extremely narrow data breach that exposed the personal information of exactly one person: Ed Sheeran. Read More >>

Legalising Cannabis is a Financial Win-Win Scenario Says Tax Pressure Group

The Taxpayers' Alliance, which is nothing to do with the government despite sounding boring enough to be so, has run the numbers on legalising cannabis. They say it'd work out very well. Read More >>

London’s Main Homeopathic Hospital Will Stop Treating People on the NHS

In news that is likely to make you think "why the hell was that still happening", it's been announced that The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, formerly known as the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, will stop offering magic bullshit homeopathic treatments that are paid for by the NHS. Read More >>

We’re All Going to Live Longer! (But as Disease-Ridden Depressives)

There is some good news and some bad news coming in from the science world today, which confirms that the trend towards longer life is set to continue. Hooray. More time at the end of it all for watching TV on a pension. But although we might live longer, more of us are going to be doing so while beset and broken by the many plagues brought onto our own heads by modern lifestyles. Read More >>

AI Could Offer “Immense” Rewards for the NHS, Says Commons Tech Committee Boss

AI may not be at Skynet-style kill-all-humans level, but it's still around and is still advancing quite nicely. While it pops up all over the place from phones to webapps, it could also have a place in the NHS. At least, that's according to Norman Lamb, head of the Commons Science and Technology Committee. Read More >>

The NHS is Hiring a Team of Hackers to Boost its Cyber Defences

Lots of people have had a bad time when it comes to cyber security, especially this year. The NHS was hit particularly hard, however, when the WannaCry ransomware managed to infect countless systems across the country - forcing staff to go back to using paper. Clearly it doesn't want that happening again, because part of a £20 million cyber security investment will be spent on a team of on-staff hackers. Read More >>

Why UK’s Blood Donation Service Needs Black Donors

Give Blood, the UK's blood donation service, has been copping flak after asking for black blood donors. Everybody bleeds so why does race matter when it comes to blood donors? Read More >>