EE Teams up With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to Give You Inclusive Data and Special Rewards

EE has partnered with Niantic to bring its customers exclusive perks in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and - more importantly - inclusive data to play the game up until the end of September. Read More >>

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The Harry Potter AR Game Will Get EE Exclusive Content When It Launches Later This Year

Niantic's Harry Potter AR game is launching at some point this year, and it looks like players on EE will be getting access to exclusive in-game content in the form of locations like Inns and Fortresses that will offer quests and high tier rewards for those on the network. The partnership was announced at EE's 5G event this week, where it also confirmed the roll-out date for its 5G service. It's May 30. Read More >>

We’ve Got The First Trailer For Niantic’s Harry Potter AR Game

Gather round, muggles. It might not quite be the enrolment letter from Hogwarts you've been waiting for, but your chance to be a wizard is incoming in 2019. Or at least, according to Niantic and Warner Bros. it is. Their AR mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, has just had its first trailer. Look: Read More >>

Latest Pokémon Go Challenge Is Literally Just Picking Up Garbage

Pokémon Go developer Niantic thinks being the very best like no one ever was should include a bit of community cleanup in honour of this year’s upcoming Earth Day. Read More >>

Niantic Will Reportedly Settle for Nearly £1.1 Million Over Bungled Pokémon GO Festival

App developer Niantic has settled a lawsuit over a botched Pokémon GO festival in Chicago’s Grant Park in July 2017 for nearly £1.1 Million, TechCrunch reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Alright Niantic IS Making a Harry Potter Game After All

Remember when Pokémon Go came out, and all the people who liked franchises that weren't Pokémon decided they wanted a version of the game for the niche audience they belonged to? The loudest were probably the Harry Potter fans, who demanded a version of their own. Back in July a hoax story spread that it was happening, which Niantic quickly denied. Read More >>

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How Niantic Should Fix Pokémon Go So That We Want To Catch ‘Em All Again

Over the weekend, Pokémon Go developers Niantic ended up with Exeggcute all over its face as it stood in a rather large Miltank pat of a PR disaster. Read More >>

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Pokémon Go Gets A Big Shakeup This Week

If you've been waiting for the second generation of Pokémon to hit PoGo, you're in luck: this week sees a huge overhaul of the app, including over 80 new 'mon and a whole load of new features. Read More >>

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London Besieged By Porygon As Pokémon Go UK Valentine’s Day Event Kicks Off

The first Pokémon Go event of 2017 is live in the UK now, having kicked in just after 7pm last night - and Londoners haven't been able to move for Porygon since. Read More >>

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Pokemon Go’s Wearable Goes on Sale Next Week

Mere hours Niantic after appeared on the stage at Apple’s iPhone event to show off its new Apple Watch app, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announced the release date for Pokemon Go’s wearable: the Pokemon GO Plus. It’s only a week away. Read More >>

Pokémon Go Desperately Needs a Bug Bounty System

This past weekend, many Pokemon Go gyms were rendered unplayable. Players trying to battle at sites like Big Ben were greeted not by a ‘mon but by an egg that glitched the game, protecting these gyms from being defeated. Eggs appeared in New York City, London, and elsewhere—and almost all of them were placed there by the same person. Read More >>

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Niantic Says It’ll Perma-Ban Pokémon Go Cheaters

Niantic Inc., the company behind that app you won’t stop hearing about Pokémon Go, has taken a stand against cheaters in the past, or anybody who violates its terms of service, such as sending out cease and desist letters to tracker apps. Now the company has stated that it will outright ban users for those violations. Read More >>

HOT TAKE: Pokémon Go is a Bad Game

After writing no fewer than 17 posts in the past few weeks about our globe's newest craze, I have some sad news to report to you all: Pokémon Go is a bad, bad game. Read More >>