Amazon Just Picked Up a Ghost Hunting Series Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

There are few better acting bromances than the one between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and we’re going to get more of it in the near future. Read More >>

The Nevers, Joss Whedon’s Victorian Sci-Fi Series, Shares Its Full Cast of Colourful Characters

The last we heard about “Joss Whedon’s HBO show about Victorian ladies with superpowers,” also known as The Nevers, was a few months back, when Outlander’s Laura Donnelly snagged the lead. Until today, that is, with this robust list of character descriptions and the actors who’ve been cast. Read More >>

How Often Does ITV2 Repeat Shaun Of The Dead?

You know how it happens. You’re flipping through the TV Guide in the evening, looking for something to watch. Could start that weighty new drama series on Netflix? Oh god, but then you’ll have to put down your phone and give it your undivided attention. That new reality show? Come on - you’re not that desperate. And then you scroll past ITV2. Read More >>