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Driving an F1 Car Is Way More Complicated Than I Ever Imagined

I know there are a load of buttons on an F1 steering wheel, but there's a heck of a lot more to adjust than I actually thought was possible mid-drive. This testing lap recorded from what looks like the lap of Nico Rosberg, with commentary from one of his engineers, shows these guys have to be absolute machines to cope with it all while blasting round the track at breakneck speeds. Read More >>

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Nico Rosberg Explains Why F1 Racers Basically Drive Lying Down

Have you ever wondered just how the drivers, who aren't exactly that tiny when stood up, just appear as a small section of their helmet poking out of the cockpit? It's because they're basically flat on their backs in there, and as you can see, Rosberg can barely even see over the steering wheel. Read More >>