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Silly Short Re-Imagines How Day Turns Into Night

Sure, we could blame the darkness of the night on the Earth’s rotation and the Sun and no more daylight savings time but where’s the fun in that? It’s much goofier to imagine a comically big space being called Mr. Night running around the neighbourhood turning everything dark with the touch of his finger. Imagine if you had the power to change anything with just a snap; that’s what Mr. Night does every day to turn day into night. Read More >>

London Gets Eight New Night Buses to Compliment All-Night Tube

The night bus network, either the saviour of the city night out or the worst experience of a lifetime, is expanding within London. Eight new routes are coming online soon, offering to connect drunk people to their homes even if they're nowhere near one of the new 24-hour tube lines. Read More >>

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Seeing Tokyo at Night from Above Makes It Look Like a City for the Machines

It’s not the best way to capture the uniqueness of a city like Tokyo—all the way up in the sky, and away from the energy—but these aerial views are nice because they show off the massive sprawl and the lighting of city life at night. There are just so many damn buildings, and it’s so crowded. Plus being so far removed from the life in the city almost looks like a city for the machines. Read More >>

Gadgets in the Bedroom Stress Kids, Disrupt Sleep and Impact on Brain Performance

The kids of the nation aren't going to like the advice dished out by Journal of Pediatric Psychology, which is suggesting that gadgets and TVs should be removed from the bedrooms of children to help them sleep. Because more sleep equals better brains. Read More >>

The Black Marble
You Can Now Explore the Stunning Earth at Night Just Like a Google Map

Last week, NASA released the most accurate, highest resolution night image of the Earth to date, aptly naming it "The Black Marble". And my word is it a beautiful sight. Now Google, NASA and NOAA have collaborated to bring us mere earthlings an interactive version of the imagery, so you can explore it for yourself. Read More >>