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Skyscraper Window Replacement Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Construction workers in Moscow using a rooftop crane to lift a giant pane of glass to the top of a 30-plus-story skyscraper will unfortunately have to try it once again. The glass was almost in their reach when the cable apparently snapped, sending the window and its support rig plummeting to the ground. Read More >>

A Human Lego Minifigure is All Your Nightmares Come True

There’s finally a good reason to not feel bad about missing San Diego Comic-Con last week. The team at Tested, working with Frank Ippolito, a special effects makeup artist, wondered what a Lego Minifig would look like if it were human. The results, as it turns out, will have you terrified of even looking at Lego from this day on. Read More >>

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This Stock Footage Music Video Is a Living Nightmare I Can’t Unsee

Usually a music video conveys something about an artist’s worldview. In this case, we can infer that the members of Tame Impala are successful businesspeople with limited control over their emotions. Read More >>

Nobody Knows Why Giant Piles of Worms Mysteriously Lined Up in Texas

After floods hit Denison, Texas last week, park rangers were mystified to find stringy clumps dotting the rain-soaked streets in inexplicably organised lines. It was no pasta-based apres-flood prank. It was just piles of living, squiggling worms. Read More >>

Have You Ever Had a Computer-Based Dream?

The other day I woke up convinced that work management sent out an email that never actually existed. The dream was so real I had to search my inbox just to be sure. Has this, or similar, ever happened to you? Read More >>

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Can a Nightmare Kill You?

Sleep can be a very powerful thing. Our body is in a near-shutdown state and our minds are left to wander the backstreets of the subconscious, dragging us through some of the more unpleasant capabilities of the imagination. Read More >>

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Our Old Classic Fears Translated Into Modern Technology Nightmares

Do you remember all your childhood fears? You know, like all those nightmares you had about being chased, being naked and getting killed by monsters. You stopped being scared of them because you grew up and you replaced old fears with new digital nightmares. Like being trolled and accidentally sending sexts and the Internet being down. Grown up life can be scary with technology! Read More >>