Nikon’s D4S: A Pro DSLR in a Familiar, Jumbo Package

At the professional level, the ultra-powerful DSLR is still mighty important, and with that in mind, Nikon is upgrading its beastly D4, with the D4s, a faster flagship shooter that's better than low-light than its older namesake. There's a lot to love about this camera. Here are the highlights. Read More >>

Watch the Wonderful Mechanics of a DSLR Shutter in Super Slow Motion

There are incredible feats of engineering going completely unnoticed all around us. The way a high speed camera shutter works is one of them. Read More >>

Watch a Nikon D4 Shutter Fire at 1000 fps

The new Nikon D4 DLSR is a beast. Its fires off 11 shots per second with gusto. The inner workings of such a task are hard to appreciate with the naked eye. But if you have a Phantom camera, your eye is considerably less naked. In this video, enthusiasts Jason Kolsch and Jayson Jordon used a Phantom Gold to capture the D4 at 1000 fps. Skip to about :55 seconds for the good stuff. [FStoppers] Read More >>

The Canon 5D Mark III Comparison: How it Stacks Up to Other Cameras

When you compare the Canon 5D Mark III to other DSLRs, its specs fall somewhere between the 1D X and the previous model, the 5D Mark II. But how does it compare to competition like the Nikon D800? Read More >>

First Nikon D4 Test Shots and Video: Low Light, High Quality

We've heard ridiculous things about the Nikon D4's low-light performance: In short, word was that you can basically take great photos in a cave. We didn't go spelunking, but we did put this £4,800 monster through its low light paces, and the results were even better than we'd hoped. Read More >>

Nikon WT-5: Control 10 D4s at Once For Wireless Bullet Time

If you're going to lay down £4,800 for the super-fast, low-light stalking Nikon D4, you might as well pony up another £650 for the WT-5 dongle that cuts the cord. Or why not string 10 D4s together? Wireless bullet time at a cost of £45,000. Read More >>

Nikon D4 Hands-On: The Photographer’s Newest Deadly Weapon

If you're used to shooting with an everyday DSLR, the Nikon D4 is like holding fully-automatic machine gun for the first time. Read More >>

The New Nikon D4 Has Crazy Specs You’ll Probably Never Need

When Canon announced the outlandish 1DX, you could be sure Nikon wouldn't be too far behind. Now, specs of the new D4 are leaking, and it looks like it could be a close fight between the two. Read More >>