These are Nintendo’s New Pokémon-Inspired Handhelds

'If at first you don't succeed, release a transparent Pokémon-edition model'. That's Nintendo's (frankly flawless) logic behind two new and very transparent 2DS models, which are being released alongside new Pokémon games. Read More >>

A Cheap Nintendo 2DS With Pokemon is Your “Catch ‘Em All, Again” Deal of the Day

Pokemon (formerly Pac-Man, or something) is still doing a roaring trade, introducing children to the wonders of evolution and, of course, gambling. Even though the media's fervour over these pocket monsters has died down, the video game world still adores this little creates that can propel fire out of their arses. Read More >>

Nintendo Goes Retro and Cheapo With Bizarre New 2DS Portable Downgrade

Nintendo's announced one of its most peculiar new pieces of hardware since the Virtual Boy, with its 2DS console taking the portable maker's twin-screen clamshell portable ethos and making it into a rigid flat slab -- and removing the glasses-free 3D display feature completely. Read More >>