Nintendo’s Week-Old Switch Lite Added to Joy-Con Drift Lawsuit

In the ongoing saga of Nintendo’s Joy-Con drift problem, it appears even the Switch Lite isn’t immune. On Saturday complaints about the barely week-old system were added to a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo. Read More >>

The Switch Lite Now Has a Matching and Equally Compact Wireless Controller

Without the ability to connect it to a TV, there’s less of a reason for gamers to use a wireless gamepad with the new Nintendo Switch Lite. But if you still find the new console too heavy to hold for long periods, 8BitDo’s created a new Switch Lite specific wireless controller that’s as streamlined and optimised for portability as the console itself is. Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch Lite Is a Pitch Perfect Remake

It’s fitting that the Nintendo Switch Lite launched the same day as a re-release of one of the best Zelda games of all time. The Switch line of consoles and the Zelda series of games feel inextricably linked. The original Switch is a remarkable and unusual piece of hardware unlike anything before it, and the Zelda game that launched alongside it, Breath of the Wild, is a remarkable and unusual as well. The Switch Lite and this year’s Zelda game, Link’s Awakening, are both beautiful, incredible remakes of previously existing and extraordinary pieces of work. You probably don’t need to buy Link’s Awakening if you’ve played it before – but you’ll enjoy it. If you already own a Switch, you don’t necessarily need the Switch Lite. But if you buy it, you’ll love it. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure Had Me Huffin’ and Puffin’

If you watch the trailer for Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch, it looks silly. A bunch of people around the world making idiots of themselves with the help of a giant flexible ring with a Joy-Con in it. A Ring-Con, if you will. On their left thigh is a holster with the other Joy-Con. They run in place in impeccably dressed living rooms, their faces scrunched as they rapidly squish and pull the ring. Safe at my desk, ignoring my Apple Watch’s pleas to get up and stand, I had the same reaction watching the trailer as I do watching someone play a VR game in real life. I shoved some Pop Chips in my mouth and said, “Nerds.” Read More >>

The Switch Lite is Sneaky Good

As someone who bought a Nintendo Switch at launch, I’ve been quite curious about the upcoming Switch Lite. After all, the standard $300 Switch can do everything the Switch Lite can (and more). The £200 Switch Lite loses the ability to output video to a TV or detach the controllers in exchange for a price tag that’s £80 less. Read More >>

Refreshed Nintendo Switch Teardown Shows What You Need to Know Before You Upgrade

About a month ago, Nintendo announced a hardware revision for the Switch featuring significantly longer battery life. Now, those refreshed Switch consoles are hitting stores, so naturally, the enterprising folks at iFixit decided to crack open a refreshed Switch to see what’s changed and figure out how Nintendo increased the Switch’s battery life. Read More >>

Nintendo Says That Rumoured Switch Exchange Deal is Fake News

So you know all those reports earlier this week about a Nintendo Switch exchange program? Yeah, turns out it was all a bunch of crap. The Verge published an official statement from a Nintendo rep on Saturday debunking the deal. Read More >>

This Unassuming Charger Will Power a Switch, Connect It to a TV, and Charge Other Stuff Too

After releasing a simple dongle that finally let the Nintendo Switch connect to wireless headphones, Human Things is back with another product that vastly improves the console’s portability. The Genki Covert Dock replaces the Switch’s charger and TV dock with a streamlined wall adapter that does everything. Read More >>

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Getting Screen Upgrade Fixing One of Its Biggest User Complaints

Within the last month, Nintendo has announced a cheaper and more portable version of the Switch in the upcoming Switch Lite, along with a hardware revision for the existing Switch boasting greatly improved battery life among other improvements. Read More >>

I Would Love to Run Android on My Nintendo Switch, but I’m Too Much of a Coward

Following the reveal of an unpatchable exploit in the Nintendo Switch back in January of 2018, diligent hackers have finally gotten the portable console to boot and run Android. It opens up a long list of potentially excellent alternate uses for the tablet, but thanks to Nintendo’s hardline stance on hacking its hardware, I’m too nervous to try it out. Read More >>

Android is Now Unofficially on Nintendo Switch, and it Looks Great

Back in 2018, an exploit was found in the Nintendo Switch that would allow users to run outside code. While that’s of course led to some piracy, it’s also let modders and coders have some fun with the console, up to and including getting Android running on the system, with all the features and tricks that brings along with it. Read More >>

Nintendo Pushes Out New Switch Hardware Boasting Almost Double the Battery Life

Just last week, Nintendo finally announced the Switch Lite—a cheaper and more portable version of the classic Switch but without the original’s TV docking support. However, it seems the Switch Lite wasn’t the only hardware upgrade Nintendo had planned, because now Nintendo has announced a new model for the standard Switch with some refreshed components and nearly double the battery life. Read More >>

amazon prime day
Amazon Prime Day Deal Chucks in Free £30 eShop Voucher With Your Nintendo Switch

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing this Monday and Tuesday, and if you have a Prime membership, this Nintendo Switch deal is a banger. Read More >>

The Switch Lite Seems Nice, But What I Really Want Is a Switch Pro

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally announced the long-rumoured Switch Lite and it looks good. Even though it doesn’t have support for the standard model’s docking feature, the Switch Lite seems like the natural upgrade for anyone still clinging to a 3DS, and a perfect handheld companion for long car rides or plane flights. Read More >>

Nintendo Announces the Switch Lite: A Dedicated Handheld That’s Launching This September

Well, the rumours were true: the Nintendo Switch Lite is coming this Autumn and I think we can all bid farewell to the 3DS at last. Read More >>