You Know What? I’m Getting a Wii U

In this corner, the Xbox One, with its (mostly) all-knowing Kinect. In the opposite, the PS4, with hardcore gamer cred to spare. If you listen to most pundits—including us!—that's the full reckoning of the battle for your console dollars. Me? I'm buying a Wii U. And maybe you should, too. Read More >>

ASDA Sounds the Wii U Death Knell

I would not want to be Nintendo right now. The Wii U is selling so badly that not even a £100 price cut helped. In fact, ASDA's just plain given up on the struggling console, ditching sales across its 555 stores. If not even ASDA can shift it, Nintendo's in serious trouble. Read More >>

Your Choice of Nintendo Wii Is Your “I Like Cheap Child-Like Gaming” Deal of the Day

So, the PS4 and the Xbox One are real and happening and almost certainly definitely coming to the UK sometime this year. In the meantime, let's turn our attentions to Nintendo for a few seconds. Read More >>

Wii U Deal of the Day
A Nintendo Wii U is Your Cheap-Because-It’s-Failing Deal of the Day

A couple of days ago we brought you the Nook Simple Touch e-reader that had been knocked down to just £29.00 -- and now here's another in our series covering hardware that hasn't really taken off and is being reduced. Read More >>

Nintendo Wii U
A Nintendo Wii U Is Your ‘Mario In Eye-Bleeding Detail’ Deal of the Day

It's been revealed that sales of the Nintendo Wii U console have been more sluggish than a slug that's trying to run a marathon while wearing hobnail boots and carrying a backpack filled with tiny bricks. Oh yes, pretty sluggish. Read More >>

An 8-Socket 3000 Volt Surge Protector Is Your “Take That Lightning, You’ll Never Get Me” Deal of the Day

Sure, we're all pretty pleased with ourselves and the near-infinite number of electronic gadgets that we've got lying around our dwellings, but don't forget that we need to plug them in to the power supply to keep them running. Read More >>

Wii U Review: The Future Is in Good Hands

Nintendo isn't afraid of different. It has thrown more crazy stuff at the wall—and gotten more of it to stick—than anyone. The Wii U is Nintendo's opinion of what's next. Read More >>

Desperate For a Wii U? There’s Always the £555 eBay Special

While the Wii U looks pretty awesome, what with that screen in the middle of the controller, the price, well, just wasn’t. It's £100 more than an Xbox starting at £250, and that's just for the legitimate "basic" pre-order. What if they're all sold out, but your kid must have one for Christmas? How about an eBay-special for just £555 plus shipping? Daylight robbery, perhaps? Read More >>

You’ll Finally Be Able to Grab the Next-Generation Wii U For Christmas

Nintendo's finally spilled the beans on the Wii U, including pricing, well, for everywhere but the UK; release dates, and game line-up. It's got a whole raft of decent-looking games for launch, and two models, a "basic" and a "premium", but neither is likely to be cheap. Read More >>

Has the Wii U’s Release Date and Price Been Leaked?

As we edge ever closer to the apparent end of year release for Nintendo's next gen HD console, it looks like one of Amazon's hardware suppliers may have jumped the gun a tad. Apparently, it'll launch on November 11th, priced between £156  and £219 with game bundles. No word on what each supposed bundle contains, mind. A Mario or two, perhaps? [Go Nintendo via Nintendo Life] Read More >>