Looks Like The Wii U is Region-Locked, Much to the Dismay of Importers

Import lovers, prepare to be not impressed. Much like all previous disc-based Nintendo consoles, as well as the Nintendo 3DS, the upcoming Wii U will be region locked. Meaning no early American imports, no super-early Japanese imports, and unfortunately, all our hopes of playing wacky Japanese games are in the hands of publishers. Fingers crossed nothing major goes under the radar. [Eurogamer via Engadget] Read More >>

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Other Cheap TV on DVD and Blu-Ray Offers Are Your Post-Olympics-Survival Deals of the Day

Remember when you were a kid and the humble supermarket was a drab place filled with butter, eggs, processed cheese and Marjorie on till three who you fancied a bit, but weren’t quite sure why? Yeah, not any more. Read More >>

Cheap Xbox 360 and Games Are Your Dungeon-Crawling Deal of the Day

You know what, there’s a few Xbox–flavoured offers that have sprung up from the bargain undergrowth over the past day so hey, why don’t we round them all up in one place? That place being right here. Read More >>

A Cheapie PAYG Android Phone (For Those Boozy Nights Out) Is Your Deal of the Day

These days, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a fully-functioning smartphone. Hell, you could probably make one yourself with a Nokia 6210, some extra wires and a some smashed-up calculator parts. Read More >>

Harry Potter DVD Set is Your Kiddie-Spellbinding Deal of the Day

We all love the Harry Potter films, right? Who among us can resist the antics of Harry, Rupert, Len, Carly Conkers, Pube Face, The Trotter, Benjamin 65, GG Allin and the Supermarket Twins? Exactly. Read More >>

Archos 70 Is Your “Under 100 Squid” Tablet Deal of the Day

Today’s best bargain is a little beauty if you’re looking to tablet yourself up (not in an overdosey way) and join the hip, modern crowd, but without splashing out a pile of dough on something that might break when your fat uncle sits on it. Read More >>

Mega PS3 Slim Pack Is Your War-Face Deal of the Day

Christmas is coming and the console price war is hotting up. Unlike a real war though, there won’t be any casualties, no use of dirty bombs and no risible charity singles to raise funds for the ‘heroes’. Read More >>