Nintendo’s Latest Solution for Its Cloud Problem Is Still a Half Measure

My birthday gift from my partner this year was a Switch Lite. Actually, it was part of an elaborate upgrade scheme we cooked up. His regular Switch was kind of broken – you have to jiggle it a few times in the dock for it to connect properly to the TV. I almost never hook my Switch up to the TV. It made sense to buy a Switch Lite for me, and give my Switch to my partner. Read More >>

You’re Going to Have to Wait Until Next Year to Get Your Hands on This Perfect Game Boy Clone

As if 2020 hasn’t already delivered enough gut punches, today Analogue announced that its highly anticipated upcoming handheld console, the Analogue Pocket, won’t ship until May 2021 at the earliest. That’s disappointing, but the company is opening pre-orders on 3 August, and has also revealed some welcome updates to the all-in-one portable gaming machine. Read More >>

Snap-on Grips Upgrade the Nintendo Switch Lite With Rumble Feedback Based on In-Game Sounds

If you thought you were only sacrificing Joy-Cons and TV connectivity with the Nintendo Switch Lite, the lack of removable controllers also means the compact console doesn’t have any vibration feedback. If you really want to feel that rumble when catching a butterfly in Animal Crossing, this set of snap-on grips from Nyko will upgrade the Switch Lite with vibrations. Read More >>

Lego’s Buildable Nintendo Entertainment System is a Perfect Storm of Childhood Nostalgia

To coincide with Lego’s playable Super Mario sets arriving on August 1, the company has expanded its partnership with Nintendo to create what appears to be a near perfect brick-built replica of the original NES console, complete with a controller, a loadable game cartridge, and an old school tube TV with Super Mario Bros. playing on screen. Read More >>

I Miss the Game Boy Advance SP

In the pantheon of Nintendo consoles, I’ll readily admit the Game Boy Advance SP wasn’t the most exciting. It didn’t have dual screens and a stylus like the DS. It wasn’t absurdly tiny like the Micro, and it didn’t introduce colour to the platform like the Game Boy Color. It’s nowhere near as iconic as the OG Game Boy or as tragically doomed as the Virtual Boy. But this tiny backlit square handheld was my first Game Boy ever, and no one forgets their first love. Read More >>

There’s a Lego NES Console and TV Coming Next Month

Lego has just teased something new on its official Twitter account, but thanks to those wonderful things called leaks we don't have to wait long to figure out what it is. It's a brick-built NES console and an old-school TV. Read More >>

The Wonderful 101’s Enduring Superpower is its Focus on Teamwork and Community

In the world of The Wonderful 101, the recently remastered and re-released action-adventure game that originally launched in 2013 for the Nintendo Wii U, the planet’s best line of defence against an invading army of aliens is a massive squad of sentai-like superheroes who, in addition to having a variety of powers, are able to combine together to form humongous weapons and gadgets. Read More >>

Lego’s Super Mario is Perfect if You Suck at the Video Games

Approximately 40,000 years ago, back in March when time still had meaning, Lego and Nintendo made nerds weep with joy when the companies announced their first collaboration: a high-tech Super Mario that lets you build real-life video game levels for out of Lego bricks. A real-life Mario Maker, if you will. Since then, the companies have announced expansion sets and costume upgrades, which only underscores the breadth of this Lego-Nintendo undertaking. Now, having built and played the starter course and three expansion sets, I can finally say there is a Super Mario level that I can actually beat. Read More >>

I Miss the Nintendo Virtual Boy

It’s rare for a company like Nintendo to release a console that isn’t at least popular amongst its fans – even the Wii U sold over 13 million units. But the Virtual Boy was one of the company’s biggest flops, delivering a disappointing 3D experience that left gamers seeing red: literally. Despite its bizarre hardware limitations and embarrassingly small game lineup, I genuinely miss the console that stands as a tribute to the risks Nintendo often takes towards the cause of innovating gaming. Read More >>

Nintendo Says Another 140,000 Accounts May Have Been Exposed

Back in April, Nintendo confirmed that approximately 160,000 users had their accounts hacked. At the time, the company encouraged people to enable two-factor authentication and emailed individual customers who had been affected that it was resetting their Nintendo Network IDs (NNID). Now, after further investigation, Nintendo says an additional 140,000 accounts have been affected. Read More >>

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This Nintendo Switch Painting App Includes a Pressure-Sensing Stylus Powered by Sound Waves

A popular painting app for the Nintendo DS and 3DS that relied on each handheld’s stylus is finally coming to the Switch. But instead of forcing users to paint with their fingers, Colors Live will include a stylus that cleverly uses the Switch’s headphone jack for pressure sensitivity and a better painting experience. Read More >>

Hacker Permanently Solves Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift With a Touchpad Upgrade

After shutting down its repair centres over two months ago as a result of the pandemic, Nintendo is starting to reopen them again, which is good news for Switch owners still dealing with Joy-Con drift. Hacker Matteo Pisani came up with a different solution: a Switch without joysticks is a Switch that never experiences drift problems, so he upgraded his console with a touchpad instead. Read More >>

Lego’s Super Mario Is Getting a Bunch of Costume Upgrades Including a Cat Suit

Lego and Nintendo have been slowly trickling out sneak peeks of their upcoming playsets, including expansion packs and an ever-growing collection of buildable levels. Today Nintendo also revealed that Mario himself can also be upgraded through four different Power-Up Packs giving the hero new costumes and new abilities. Read More >>

The Disputed Donkey Kong High Score Record Goes to Court

You may remember the great Donkey Kong controversy of 2018, which stripped divisive arcade gamer Billy Mitchell of a years-long reign as Donkey King, of Guinness World records, and of his name from the leaderboards. Now, as Ars Technica first reported, Mitchell has filed a defamation suit against the gaming organisation Twin Galaxies, the highest scorekeeper in the land, which ruled his record scores to be illegitimate. Citing a litany of positive media write-ups declaring him to be one of the all-time best arcade gamers, the complaint argues that the rejected score was part of a conspiracy of malice, an attempt to get “internet ‘clicks’”, and that Twin Galaxies had called him a “cheater.” Read More >>

This Upgraded NES Gamepad Doesn’t Actually Need an NES Console to Play Games

One-upping Nintendo’s efforts to shrink the original NES console, Taylor Burley sacrificed a tiny arcade cabinet to upgrade an old-school NES gamepad with not only a screen, but a small collection of retro titles that don’t need cartridges or even a console to play. Read More >>