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This Gigantic Version of Nintendo’s Original Handheld Games Needs Two People to Play It

Before the Switch, before the 3DS, and even before the Game Boy, Nintendo had the Game & Watch: a series of handheld video games that were primitive by today’s standards, but mind-blowing to ‘80s kids. And they made such an impression on computer scientist Thomas Tilley that he recently created a gigantic version of the toy built around a 46-inch LCD display. Read More >>

Skip the Switch and Play This Cardboard Version of Super Mario You Can Build Yourself

Still having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch? The hunt’s only going to get harder now that the holidays are here, but why add to your pre-Christmas stresses when you can just build your own playable version of Super Mario out of cardboard, and save yourself hundreds of pounds? Read More >>

Nintendo Is Finally Making Another Super Mario Bros. Movie

The day many thought would never come has arrived. The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo has made a deal with Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio that makes the Despicable Me movies (as well as recent hits Sing and The Secret Life of Pets) to do an animated Mario movie. Read More >>

People Prefer Playing With the Nintendo Switch in Handheld Mode

It's no secret that the Nintendo Switch's hybrid handheld functionality is part of what makes it so popular. Who wouldn't want a console-tier gaming device that you can carry around in your bag? Now Nintendo has confirmed that popularity, noting that a lot of people prefer to play their Switch's in handheld mode and away from the TV. Read More >>

Switch’s Gamecube Controller Support Was an Accident, Says Nintendo

Last week people discovered that the Switch's latest software update also came with support for Gamecube controllers, which could be plugged into the console's dock using an adaptor originally sold for the Wii U. Now it turns out that this wasn't meant to happen. Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers

If you're a stickler for the older hardware, preferring the feel of the GameCube's asymmetrical controls to these modern 'Pro' gamepads, you're in luck. The Switch's 4.0 update (which dropped last week) came with support for the classic GameCube control pads. Read More >>

Watch This Guy Build a Nintendo Switch Clone That Plays Thousands of Classic Games

Still having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch in stores? Or maybe you’re tired of waiting for Nintendo’s promised online store full of retro games? Tim Lindquist took things into his own hands and built a Nintendo Switch clone from scratch that can emulate games from over 50 classic systems. Read More >>

Surprise! Trademark Filings Hint a Game Boy Classic Might be On the Way

Given the insane popularity of the NES and SNES Classics, people have been thinking about the future. Nintendo is bound to create more miniature consoles, and people have been getting their hopes up for a revamped N64 or Game Boy. Well it seems like there's good news, because trademark filings hint that a Game Boy Classic is on the way. Read More >>

You Can Now Hack the Mini SNES Classic For Yourself

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on Nintendo's miniature SNES classic, you may have heard how it's just as hackable as its predecessor. Well now, if you want to, you can tinker with its innards yourself. Or, because let's not kid ourselves, play illegal ROMs. Read More >>

Just Like its Predecessor, the Mini SNES Classic Can be Hacked

At the start of the year it was revealed that the miniature NES Classic could be hacked, meaning you could unlock the console and add other games. Now that the SNES Classic is making its way into the hands of people around the world, someone's discovered that it's also just as hackable. Read More >>

These Are the 25 Games the Game Boy Classic Edition Should Include

It’s widely assumed that the next Classic Edition of retro hardware from Nintendo will be a tiny version of the N64. But I disagree. With four controllers, 3D games, and complications over bringing Goldeneye 007 back, a retro version of the N64 would make for some expensive nostalgia, particularly when the Game Boy would be far cheaper to resurrect. Read More >>

SNES Classic Review: Nice Dose of Retro Gaming, if You Can Get One

After the success of last year's NES Classic, which proved to be far more popular than Nintendo ever even considered, it was no surprise that it went ahead with a miniature version of the SNES. So far the whole pre-order farce has shown that it's going to be just as, if not more, popular than its predecessor. But is it worth it? Read More >>

Nyko Is Mercifully Making the Wireless SNES Controller That Nintendo Refuses To

Nintendo can claim that sticking with wired controllers makes its SNES Classic Edition a more authentic retro gaming experience, but in reality it’s probably just a cost-saving measure. Wrangling controller cables isn’t a part of your childhood worth reliving, however, so Nyko once again has mercifully bestowed gamers with an affordable wireless alternative. Read More >>

How to (Maybe) Play the Super Secret Copy of NES Golf Hidden on Your Nintendo Switch

Last weekend, a user calling themselves yellows8 posted an intriguing discovery to, a site dedicated to finding ways to hack the Nintendo Switch. Hidden on every Switch console is a mysterious game called Flog, which turns out to be an emulated version of the 1984 NES game Golf upgraded with motion controls. An even bigger mystery was finding a way to actually play the game, and it turns out it’s far from easy. Read More >>