Scientists Build Atomic Clocks Accurate Enough to Measure Changes in Spacetime Itself

Physicists have created atomic clocks so precise that they can measure deformations in spacetime itself, according to new research. Read More >>

The Way We Define a Kilogram Could Change Next Week

The future of mass depends on a conference vote next week. Read More >>

Scientists are Redefining the Kilogram

Stop the presses! Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have made a new measurement of Planck’s constant to a highly accurate degree. It’s the latest step toward improving the official definition of the kilogram, the unit of mass that underpins our entire international system of weights and measures. Read More >>

The FBI is Developing Software to Track and Sort People by Their Tattoos 

An Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) investigation has revealed an awfully Orwellian fact: the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is working with government researchers to develop advanced tattoo recognition technology. This would allow law enforcement to sort and identify people based on their tattoos to determine “affiliation to gangs, sub-cultures, religious or ritualistic beliefs, or political ideology”. Read More >>