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Taiwanese Animators Have the Most Insane Take on the Sony Hack

"Sony exposed its nuts to the world this week, and it's been confirmed, they're real small." Your friendly neighbourhood Taiwanese Animators have the best, most insane Hot Take on the Sony hack and the ensuing parade of idiocy. Read More >>

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Adding Mario Kart to Fast and Furious Is the Most Bizarre Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Those crazy cats over at NMA are officially off their rocker. Apparently they thought it would be a great idea to see what it would be like if you slammed Mario Kart into the testosterone-filled world of Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious. The result is so weird it almost hurts. Read More >>

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Welcome to the Bizarro NMA World In Which Star Wars and Disney Fight to the Death

Any NMA take on Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm is bound to be very strange, but the finished product is even stranger than you could imagine. Backroom deals made in a strip club. Yoda strong arming George Lucas. Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the Avengers brawling with Yoda, Darth Vader and Han Solo. And Ronald McDonald? Just watch it. [NMA] Read More >>

The Days of the BlackBerry Drug Are Over, Thanks to a Crack-Dealing Steve Jobs

RIM's facing a spiralling decline down the toilet. BlackBerry 10 has been delayed, earnings are down and businessmen are moving to other newer drugs for their email hit. Watch RIM get assassinated by an iPhone-Android double team in classic NMA-style. Read More >>

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Watch All Those Wacky Taiwanese Animation Videos on Your iPad

NMA, the absolutely weird and wacky animation group that whips up those hilariously ridiculous videos about any 'news' event, has released an iPad app. Called, the app was originally banned by Apple a few weeks ago but has now been approved. Read More >>