The ASA is Investigating No Man’s Sky for False Advertising

It's no secret that No Man's Sky was one of the most hyped games of the year, and it's even less of a secret that it didn't live up to a lot of people's expectations. Now the Advertising Standards Agency is investigating the game, and its developers, for trying to dupe customers. Read More >>

We Played No Man’s Sky with an Astronomer to Separate Its Science Fiction from Facts

Space, that oh-so-often-quoted final frontier. For many of us, the closest we’ll get to the great beyond up above our atmosphere rests firmly within the world of science fiction. The super-hyped, recently released No Man’s Sky went one step further than most space-based games have gone before, offering up a near-infinite, procedurally generated universe of planets, each with their own unique flora, fauna and underlying periodic table to explore and exploit. Read More >>

Why I’m Loving No Man’s Sky

There’s a fantastic episode of the original Star Trek series called “Arena”, where Captain Kirk is forced into one-on-one combat against the Gorn. No Man’s Sky feels like the best part of that story stretched out into an entire universe. Read More >>

No Man’s Sky Hacked into VR With HTC Vive

A man has hacked VR support into current hype potato No Man's Sky, using the HTC Vive headset and your usual tweaked configurations to get it all running through the headset. He's unlikely to ever take his helmet off again. Read More >>

The Moment No Man’s Sky Turned Me Into That Matthew McConaughey GIF

Yep. You know the one. The Interstellar one. This one: Read More >>

No Man’s Sky Launch Day Patch is Bloody Huge (In a Good Way)

Five years in the making, the infinite digital space of sci-fi explorathon No Man's Sky is finally almost here. Launching tomorrow, the game that you'll find on your disc is but a mere shadow of the complete picture however, with the details of a huge day one patch just been revealed by Sean Murray, the top dog over at developer Hello Games. Read More >>

No Man’s Sky Takes Just Over a Day to Finish, Says the Guy Who’s Already Played it

A chap who somehow managed to get his hands on a copy of No Man’s Sky early (and has been posting gameplay videos online) says it takes less than 30 hours to reach the centre of the universe -- the game’s main objective. Read More >>

All the Interesting Places You’ll Go (and the Aliens You’ll Blow Up) in No Man’s Sky

We’ve been excited for No Man’s Sky, the space exploration video game that’s been dazzling gaming fans ever since it was first revealed, for ages. But with the game due in just a few weeks, you can now get a closer look at all the gorgeous unknown worlds you can explore... and then blow the living crap out of, should you so desire. Read More >>

Open-universe Space Sim No Man’s Sky Possibly Delayed

People talking to gaming site Kotaku have some bad news for anyone waiting to spend the rest of their lives or just the summer of 2016 exploring an infinite pretend universe -- No Man's Sky  may have been pushed back from its current June launch date to one in July or August. Read More >>

No Man’s Sky Just Got Even Cooler, Now That We’ve Seen its Aliens

For the past several years, the video game community has been salivating over No Man’s Sky, a space exploration game by Hello Games. Now at last, the game is being released on June 21. At an event in Los Angeles, we experienced about 30 minutes of gameplay — and discovered that some of the game’s planets are inhabited by intelligent life forms. Read More >>

No Man’s Sky PS4 Release Date Confirmed for June 21st 2016

Mark it in your diary, or calendar, or whatever. At last, Hello Games has confirmed that No Man’s Sky will land on June 21st. Read More >>