Inventors of the Blue LED Inside Nearly Every Device You Own Win the Nobel

There's pretty good chance you have a piece of this year's physics Nobel prize-winning invention in your pocket. The blue light-emitting diode (LED) is found in the screens of millions of phones as well as our bright, new energy-efficient LED lightbulbs. Today, the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to the three scientists who made this revolutionary discovery. Read More >>

Comedy Banana Skin Slipperyness Research Wins Ig Nobel Prize

The Ig Nobel Prize, which rewards scientists and researchers for examining things that are largely pointless, has awarded a serious paper investigating why banana skins are slippery one of this year's key trophies. Read More >>

A Dead Scientist Accidentally Won the Nobel Prize

Ralph Steinman, a 68-year-old Canadian scientist, was just awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discoveries regarding our immune system. Huge honor! Bigger celebration! Not exactly. Steinman passed away due to pancreatic cancer three days ago. The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet had no idea and now might take his award away. Read More >>