CES 2019: Bose Has Made Noise-Cancelling For Cars

Most of us technophiles are aware of how good Bose's noise-cancelling is, so it's exciting to hear that the company's brought its QuietComfort tech to vehicles. Read More >>

Ford’s Noise-Cancelling Kennel Keeps Dogs’ Ears Safe From Fireworks

Good Boy Of The Day goes to Ford, which has used its knowledge of noise cancelling tech to create a kennel that protects dogs from firework noise. Read More >>

Lightning Earbuds With Built-in Charging Make Avoiding Wireless Slightly Easier

After the initial outrage of Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 died down, users not wanting to go wireless soon realised that using the phone’s Lightning port meant they could no longer charge while listening to music. Pioneer’s new Rayz Plus earbuds include a simple solution to that problem, but they’re still far from perfect. Read More >>

Do You Use Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

Peace and quiet is valuable in life. Sometimes you just want to zone out or hone in on something important. I remember being amazed when my school science teacher passed around his personal noise-cancelling headphones and let us all try them. Read More >>

First Active Noise-Canceling Computer Fan Will Finally Shut Your Computer Up

If you've got a powerful desktop, it probably sounds like a jet engine. You could opt for watercooling, but if you stick with fans you're out of luck. They're just loud. Until you bolt on some active noise cancelling. Read More >>

Bose QuietComfort 20: Noise-Cancelling, Engineered to Fit Your Ear Holes

Today, Bose introduced the in-ear evolution of the awesome noise-cancelling headphones that have been hanging on the heads of weary travellers for years. I just listened to the QuietComfort 20 buds, and I can't believe how much tech — and powerful sound — Bose crammed into my ears. Read More >>

lightning review
Parrot Zik Lightning Review: More Than the Sum of Their Parts, But Seriously Pricey

Bluetooth headphones are really coming of age. No longer do they sound crap with rubbish range and clunky design. Parrot's brand new Ziks, a partnership with legendary French designer Philippe Starck, bundles more technology than you can shake a stick at into what it reckons are the best Bluetooth cans on the market. But are they really worth 350 smackers? Read More >>

lightning review
AKG K495 NC Lightning Review: Hot-Sounding, Road-Ready, Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Toting headphones back and forth across the country (or the city) is one of the best ways to expose their design flaws. Can the new AKG K495 NC noise-cancelling headphones, with their burly build and audiophile pedigree, stand up that kind of punishment while delivering dulcet tones? Is this finally the ideal traveller's kit? Read More >>

Noise Cancelling iPhone-Ready Klipsch Mode M40 Now Available in the UK

If you're after Apple-compatible earphones that have a mic, volume and call/end buttons but won't break the bank, the Klipsch Image S4is have been the favourite of many for some time. Now the company has brought that same Apple-compatibility to a pair Active Noise Control cans, which are now available in the UK. Read More >>