Tube Drivers Plan Go-Slow Protest Over Noise Levels

A potentially never-ending rolling semi-strike is about to hit several of London's tube lines, with drivers running the Jubilee, Central, Northern and Victoria lines set to limit their top speeds to pressure bosses to do something about the track noise levels they experience while shuttling about the city's tunnels. Read More >>

Theatre Chain Bans Noisy Snacks

Nimax Theatres, which manages many of the poshest, most famous, and expensive places in the country where people go to sit and be bored for hours, has started noise-testing the snacks it sells — and banning ones that make the loudest crinkly sounds. Read More >>

This is the Dumbest MacBook Pro Complaint

The new MacBook Pro is far from perfect. It’s expensive, the Touch Bar feels like a gimmick, it’s not upgradable, and the USB-C ports means you’ll be stuck using dongles, at least in the short-term. These are all valid reasons for Mac fans to be unhappy with the new MacBook Pro. Read More >>

What are All Those Weird Noises You Hear on an Aeroplane?

I used to work at Boeing and repaired the computerised part of the machines that put together 747’s. People not familiar with planes are scared because they are forced to be quiet and go along with acting normal while stuck in a tube hurtling through the air at 600 miles an hour, and 30,000 feet above the earth. What could go wrong? Read More >>

Internal Skin for Aeroplanes Could Lead to Quieter Flights

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology claim to have proven a new form of insulation for aeroplanes, one that could reduce jet engine rumble to the volume of a trickling, distant stream. Read More >>

A Windscreen for Smartphones Means You’ll Never Shout Over a Breeze

The noise-cancelling software your smartphone uses to eliminate background sounds from your voice when making a call is surprisingly good these days, but still not good enough to deal with the deafening crackle from a sudden gust of wind. That's why microphones have those puffy foam covers on the end, and why these Windblockers for smartphones and tablets aren't a terrible idea. Read More >>

Scientists Have Recorded the Sound of a Single Atom

What's the sound of one atom moving? That might sound a bit like a silly philosophical question, but actually it's a scientific puzzle that's now been solved. Read More >>

Screaming Children Could Charge a Phone Battery

Researchers have dreamed up a revolutionary new method of charging the 14.9-inch smartphones of the distant future -- using sound waves to power a nanogenerator and whack a free charge into a battery. Read More >>

Why Fingernails Down a Chalkboard Makes You Cringe

Listen to this. Irritated? Angry? Just glad it's over? Here's why. Read More >>

Help Record the Sound of Our Planet to Celebrate Earth Day

Our planet fizzes and crackles with a rich cacophony of sounds—but it constantly changes over time. Now, a team of scientists want to record the noises that surround us each and every Earth Day—which just happens to be today—to see exactly how it alters over time. Read More >>

Can You Create a Perfectly Silent Space?

Imagine a place with no noise whatsoever: no sound, no light, no radio—hell, no Wi-Fi. How on Earth would you go about creating it? Read More >>

Turn Your Mouse Into a Sci-Fi Noise Factory With This Theremin Emulator Webpage

Theremins are the eccentric production lines of weird squeeps and bloops; the de rigueur sound of kitschy black-and-white sci-fi movies and DJ rave alike. Anyone with an appreciation of music, or just noise, should, given the chance, play with one—and now you can from the comfort of your computer, thanks to Femur Design's Theremin webpage. Read More >>

We’ve Finally Figured Out Why Kettles Whistle

This might shock you, but for over a century scientists have been pondering why kettles whistle—and completely failed to find an answer. That's all changed now, though, thanks to two scientists from the University of Cambridge who have worked out how it happens. Read More >>

Secret Sounds
watch this
These Are the Secret Sounds of All Your Electronics

We all know the telltale hum of a computer's fan kicking on, or the barely-there buzz of fluorescent lights. But even the most whisper-quiet devices are singing their little songs of daily life; you just can't hear them. At least not without some help. Read More >>

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream (Because It’s F*cking Noisy)

This is how it sounds inside the International Space Station, as recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield inside the United States module of the ISS. [Soundcloud via Twitter] Read More >>