A Violin to Go With That Suit of Armour You Just Ordered Is Your Just-Like-an-Armoured-Sherlock Deal of the Day

Remember the suit of armour we punted at you a week or so ago? Only £1,250? Lots of you said you'd be indulging in it so we've been racking our brains for something that you could accessorise it with. Read More >>

Nokia’s Insane 41-Megapixel Phone Was Used to Make a Commercial About Nokia’s Insane 41-Megapixel Phone

Here's how you know your phone's camera is powerful: If it has 41 freaking megapixels. Here's how you know to trust your powerful camera phone: If it's used to make a commercial about itself. Yep, the Nokia 808 PureView was used to make a commercial about the Nokia 808 PureView. A clever way to see how good (and ridiculous) the camera is. [YouTube] Read More >>