Mobile Multi-Tasking Made Easy With the Nokia Lumia 1520

Picture the scene: A tube strike has stolen your morning, your laptop is flat out of battery and you're stranded far from your desk, far from the files, folders and tools that'd make mincemeat of your looming deadlines. You're already battling against the whims of the gods, you don't need to be battling your tech too. You need a big-screened, powerful smartphone fighting your corner. Enter the Nokia Lumia 1520. Read More >>

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Nokia’s Massive Lumia Black WP8 Update Now Live

Nokia's rather large update for its Windows Phone 8 devices is now live for users around the world, introducing Nokia Refocus and many more changes to the camera app, Bluetooth LE to all WP8 devices, RAW photo support and much more. That pioneering 10 per cent of smartphone users are about to have a good day. Find out what to expect here. Read More >>

Nokia 1520 Review: A Burden in My Hand

Is a device with a 6-inch display even a smartphone anymore? The Lumia 1520 is so comically large that doing ordinary smartphone things with it feels like you're making a joke. At its best, the 1520 is a funny party trick. At its worst, it's absurd. Read More >>

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RAW Photo Support is Just One of the Features in Nokia’s Black Update

The latest update to Nokia's Windows Phone build (which expands upon Microsoft's GDR3 release), named Black, brings with it some features you may be surprised to learn Nokia handsets didn't already contain...but here's a big one for you: It also brings RAW support, not available on any smartphone before. Read More >>