YouGov Profiler Thinks iPhone 5S Owners are a Bit Right Wing and Lumia 1020 Fans are Into Porn

iPhone owners are all lefty, bike-riding designers, right? Wrong, or at least wrong in the eyes of this incredible (and unintentionally hilarious) YouGov profiler. According to the UK-based internet market research firm, iPhone 5S owners are more likely to be Tory-voting estate agents than Jony Ive wannabes. Read More >>

Review: Nokia Lumia 1320 is a Perfectly Usable Pocket Monolith

Microsoft’s newly acquired phone division is pumping out the hardware at great pace, with the Lumia 1320 offering six inches of fun and a 5-Megapixel camera for capturing evidence of said fun. It won't win any beauty contests, or smallest-phone contests, but it’s not terrible. Don't be a Windows Phone denier, it’s really not that bad. Read More >>

Rumour: Nokia X Android Phone a Super-Cheap Budget Model

New specs have appeared giving us a look inside the Nokia X Android model, suggesting it'll be a very low-spec budget phone. Conspiracy theorists might even suggest Nokia's making a rubbish Android phone on purpose, to make its WP models look better in comparison. Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About Nokia’s Android Phone, Normandy / Nokia X

Leak after leak after leak out of Nokia's labs recently all-but confirms one thing -- the Finnish smartphone manufacturer is dabbling in the dark arts of Android, its Windows Phone interests (and close relationship with Microsoft) be-damned. With fresh rumours circulating this morning, we felt it was high-time to pull together everything we know on Nokia's latest experiment. Read More >>

Windows Phone Finally Gets Instagram (And a Bunch More Apps)

Instagram is finally officially coming to Windows Phone via Nokia Lumias, Nokia just announced at Nokia World. Yes, you can finally stop using that silly Hipstamatic workaround. Read More >>

Brits Give Windows Phone a Chance as Market Share More Than Doubles

It's still the donkey in a three-horse smartphone race lead by iOS and Android (the ominous tent of death is going up around the lame-legged BlackBerry as we speak), but Microsoft's Windows Phone platform finally seems to be gaining ground in the UK. Read More >>

nokia lumia 925 review
Got a WP8 Nokia Lumia? Check For Updates

Anyone with a Windows Phone 8-packing Nokia Lumia should be getting the long-awaited "Amber" update right about now, which brings with it all sorts of new fun toys. The Smart Camera app, the Pro Camera app (only for 920 and 925), and a load of basic camera enhancements are bundled in there, as well as a new lockscreen, some more gestures, and a heap of other fixes. Read More >>

Windows Phone Goes 4.7-Inches On-a-Budget With the Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia's follow up to the mid-range-to-budget Lumia 620 has gone bigger than ever, taking Windows Phone to an Android-like 4.7-inches. Shame about the resolution. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 1020: A Great Camera in a Real Phone (Updating)

Cameras in phones are so good now. Sort of. They're good when you compare their output to the smudgy, iffy images we put up with so many years, but an S95 can still blow them out of the skies. Maybe that changes with the Nokia Lumia 1020, which we'll meet today. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 925 Hands-On: This is the Windows Phone You’ll Want (Updated With Camera Impressions)

Nokia's just unveiled the Lumia 925, and while you might have thought it's just a UK version of the Lumia 928 that our US cousins are getting, it's so much more. Gone is the all-plastic traditional Lumia, subsumed by a much more refined feeling metal-polycarbonate mix. This thing looks and feels great. Read More >>

This is Nokia’s New Lumia 925

Nokia's just taken the wraps off its latest flagship Windows Phone. We've heard rumours of a PureView-packing beast, but confirming yesterday's leak it's the Lumia 925, an updated, metal-clad version of the Lumia 920, and it sure is a looker. Read More >>

Does Nokia Have the Fabled “EOS” PureView Windows Phone For Us Tomorrow?

Yesterday, right smack-bang in the middle of the Inbetweeners Movie on Channel 4, Nokia busted out a new teaser, which absolutely screams PureView. Will we finally get that PureView "EOS" Windows Phone Nokia's been promising ever since the launch of the Symbian-powered 808 PureView? Find out right here tomorrow morning. [The Verge] Read More >>

Nokia Will Apparently Have a New Lumia For Us On May 14th

Well what do we have here then? Are we finally going to get that 'EOS' Windows Phone PureView Lumia Nokia's been promising for ages? Maybe an aluminium-clad Lumia 920? Who knows. Nokia's invited us all to "see what's next" in London on May 14th, so I guess we'll find out then. May sure is going to be one busy month. [AllthingsD via TechRadar] Read More >>

Nokia’s 520 and 720 Help Pad Out the Lumia Cornucopia On the Cheaper End of the Scale

Along with a couple of low-end phones we won't bore you about, Nokia showed off the Lumia 520 and 720 at MWC today. That smaller-numbered device is actually Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone 8 offering, with the 720 being slightly higher up on the food chain, somewhere between the 620 and 820. Read More >>

lumia 620
A Nokia Lumia 620 Is Your Valentines-Present-to-Yourself Deal of the Day

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow -- the day for lovers to indulge themselves and demonstrate their undying devotion to one another. But what if you're single? Should you have to miss out on all that? Read More >>