The Nokia X Android Phone is Real, and it Has a Buddy in the Nokia X+

At this point, given months of speculation, it's hardly much of a surprise, but Nokia has indeed got an Android phone for you. The Nokia X is confirmed, marking a notable split between Nokia's Windows Phone and now Android interests. We bet Microsoft are really happy this morning. Read More >>

Rumour: Nokia X Android Phone a Super-Cheap Budget Model

New specs have appeared giving us a look inside the Nokia X Android model, suggesting it'll be a very low-spec budget phone. Conspiracy theorists might even suggest Nokia's making a rubbish Android phone on purpose, to make its WP models look better in comparison. Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About Nokia’s Android Phone, Normandy / Nokia X

Leak after leak after leak out of Nokia's labs recently all-but confirms one thing -- the Finnish smartphone manufacturer is dabbling in the dark arts of Android, its Windows Phone interests (and close relationship with Microsoft) be-damned. With fresh rumours circulating this morning, we felt it was high-time to pull together everything we know on Nokia's latest experiment. Read More >>