There’s a 3G Version of the New Nokia 3310 Now

Earlier this year HMD, the company that owns the rights to the Nokia name, released a brand new feature phone that was given more fanfare than its subsequent smartphone releases. It was a 'new' version of the Nokia 3310 that was, frankly, nothing special. Well now there's a new new Nokia 3310, only this one has 3G. Read More >>

The Nokia 8 is a Tantalising Peek at a Smartphone Future That Could’ve Been

Every once in a while, we get the chance to peek into an alternate timeline and see how things could have played out if a single decision had gone a different way. And with the new Nokia 8, that’s exactly what we’re getting. Read More >>

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia’s New Smartphone Cameras Won’t Make Them Good

Nokia’s smartphones have long been known for having great cameras. Classic devices like the N95 (2007), 808 PureView (2012), or Lumia 1020 (2013) all had industry-leading camera tech on board. But will Nokia’s upcoming Android smartphones be just as great now that HMD Global is manufacturing them? Read More >>

Nokia Reveals When You’ll Be Able to Buy One of its New Phones in the UK

The Nokia 3 will be available on 12th July priced £119.99. The Nokia 6 will be released on 2nd August priced £129.99. The Nokia 5 will appear on 16th August and cost £179.99. The Nokia 9 might appear sometime in September, but there's no formal announcement on it yet. Read More >>

Ancient Nokia 3310s Find Love As Sex Toys

You don't need much of an imagination to work out exactly how an old mobile phone might be used as a sex toy. And anyone who has ever owned an old Nokia will know that they are well-placed to be excellent in this regard because they have, shall we say, good vibrations. Read More >>

Nokia’s 3310 Launches on May 24th

Nokia's return to the lumpen old days of "feature" mobile phones now has a UK price and release date, with the refreshed and relaunched Nokia 3310 costing ironic hipsters and very old people £49.99 -- and hitting the streets on May 24th. Read More >>

Why These Great Game Consoles Failed Spectacularly

There are few classes of consumer electronics that have had as exhilarating heights and as cringe-inducing lows as video game consoles. Since the Magnavox Odyssey plugged into TVs back in 1972 and delivered Pong to the masses, gaming consoles have demanded our attention. Read More >>

mwc 2017
The Most-Searched Phone of MWC 2017 was… the Nokia 3310

After working tirelessly for years to create a flagship smartphone that would wow the crowds at MWC 2017, the likes of Huawei, LG, Samsung and Sony have been absolutely trounced by a feature phone from the year 2000. Read More >>

Remember When Microsoft Joked About a Revamped Nokia 3310?

On Sunday evening Nokia and HMD revealed a revamped version of the Nokia 3310. It's a thing that's been on peoples' minds for quite some time. Longer than you might think,in fact, because Microsoft first joked about this on April Fool's Day in 2014. Read More >>

mwc 2017
The Nostalgia Tech Trend Is Bad 

At the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, we saw two formerly great smartphone brands— Nokia and BlackBerry — try to win their way back into consumers’ hearts with the relaunch of decidedly old-school gadgets. BlackBerry Mobile, whose name is licensed to Chinese electronics maker TCL, introduced its newest throwback the BlackBerry KeyOne, an Android phone that looks like an updated, more modern version of the BlackBerry 9900. Nokia, now run by HMD Global, just decided to straight-up bring back the 3310 form-factor, but with a colour screen, a camera, and crazy battery life. Read More >>

Nokia Just Announced A New 3310 for 2017

Everyone's favourite phone and meme superstar, the Nokia 3310 is back for 2017. Read More >>

Nokia’s Back to Take Over the Budget Smartphone Market

MWC is now in full swing, and now we're seeing the return of Nokia after the dark days of Microsoft and Windows Phone. Not only has the company announced that it will be launching phones running Android, it's gone and announced three brand new phones with the most insane prices you will ever see. Not bad insane, because these bastards are cheap. Read More >>

Android is Coming to Nokia Phones

Today at MWC, Nokia has announced that its upcoming range of Android smartphones are going to offer the 'purest' Android experience. Designed to be secure and fast, the Finnish company promises that its devices will get monthly security updates and speedy Android software updates. Read More >>

The Nokia 3310 Was a Bloody Tank

Dave Mitchell is a 49-year-old devotee to his old phone and members of the press are claiming he’s the proud owner of the “oldest working mobile phone in Britain.” Considering the 17-year-old model he uses is a Nokia 3310, that claim is believable. Read More >>