The New Nokia 2.2 Is Insanely Cheap and Will Support Android Q

The Nokia 2.2 is the latest smartphone from HMD Global. Its tiny price tag makes it the cheapest smartphone to get Android Q, but we're still waiting on a confirmed release date. Read More >>

Nokia Brings Its Budget Mini Flagship Phone to the UK With a £150 Price Tag

Nokia is bringing a cheap as chips smartphone to the UK high street with its Nokia 4.2 that claims to have it all and more for just £150. Read More >>

Nokia 1 Plus Comes to the UK for Under £90

It's quite amazing what you can get smartphone-wise for under £100 these days, and Nokia has just added itself to the list with the new Nokia 1 Plus. Read More >>

MWC 2019: The 5-Camera Nokia 9 PureView Speaks to the Photographer’s Soul

Rumours have been swirling about a mysterious Nokia phone featuring a bug-eyed multi-lens camera setup on its back for more than six months. Some thought it would get announced at CES, or during the slow time for phones in early Q1, but finally at MWC 2019, the long wait is over. Read More >>

Leaked 5-Camera Nokia 9 PureView Sets Off Our Trypophobia

The New Year gift nobody wanted is this hideous 5-camera Android phone from Nokia, leaked by Evan Blass: Read More >>

Looks Like Networks Will Have to Subsidise Our Pricey 5G Phones

There hasn't been a lot of excitement for 5G on the consumer side in the UK yet, but analysts are already predicting that we won't want to pay as much as 5G-enabled phones will cost, and the networks will have to subsidise if they want the handsets to sell. Read More >>

Nokia Safe For a Decade as it Gets Paid Each Time a 5G Phone is Sold

Nokia's revealed a much better and more sustainable business plan than selling Android phones for £700 — raking it in in the background by licensing its 5G technology to others. Read More >>

The Nokia 8110 ‘Matrix Phone’ Arrives in the UK Next Week, Pre-orders Open Now

The relaunched Nokia 3310 obviously did really weel, because Nokia took to MWC to announce that it would be relaunching another classic phone this year. The new 8110, also known as the 'Matrix Phone' and 'Banana Phone' was supposed to arrive in May, but for some reason it's taken a bit longer. If you desperately want a feature phone with a sliding keyboard cover, you'll be happy to know that it's now available to pe-order ready for a 15th August release. Read More >>

Nokia Screws Up Again, Sells Withings Back to Its Co-founder

Another day, another company snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This time it’s Nokia, as the company has decided to sell its health division— formerly known as Withings—which it purchased for $191 million in 2016. The sale itself seemed inevitable, and its price undisclosed, but its buyer is a huge surprise: the original co-founder of Withings, Éric Carreel. Nokia expects the deal to close in “late Q2 2018.” While I respect the hustle, the sale of Withings and its host of incredible health products leaves me feeling more nervous than ever. Read More >>

Nokia 7 Plus Hits the UK on 2nd May, Comes With a Free Google Home Mini

Nokia, or rather HMD which owns the Nokia brand name these days, releases a lot of phones. So many, in fact, that it's quite easy to accidentally tune out and focus on other companies that have a much lengthier release cycle. You might want to pay attention to this, however, because the Nokia 7 Plus arrives 2nd May and will come with a free Google Home Mini during its first month on sale. Read More >>

MWC 2018: Can Nokia’s Breezy New Sirocco Phone Stand Up to Samsung’s Mighty Devices?

As slick as the designs on the Galaxy S8 and the brand new S9 are, some people just can’t get down with all the changes Samsung makes to Android on the inside. It’s an understandable complaint, especially since just a few year ago, Samsung’s TouchWiz skin (which is now called the Samsung Experience), was often responsible for causing phones to lag. But what if there was a phone with the good looks of a late model Galaxy S, but with stock Android inside? Well here’s your answer, it’s the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Read More >>

MWC 2018: Nokia Brings Back The 8110 – The Matrix Phone

Wowzer, who saw this coming? Following hot on the heels of the wild success of the new Nokia 3310 last year, HMD, which holds the license to make phones using the Nokia name, has today announced a reboot 8110 - which is perhaps better recognised as mobile phone from the Matrix. You know - the one with the keypad cover that slides down at the press of a button. Read More >>

It Sure Looks Like Nokia Is Blowing It Again

There was a time when Nokia was the undisputed king of mobile phones, with quarterly sales of over 120 million units as recently as 2010. But after a failed partnership ended with Nokia selling its handset division to Microsoft, the company tried reinventing itself by pivoting to wearables, a move capped off when Nokia bought Withings, a French health tracker company, for $190 million (£136 million) in June of 2016. Read More >>

There’s a 3G Version of the New Nokia 3310 Now

Earlier this year HMD, the company that owns the rights to the Nokia name, released a brand new feature phone that was given more fanfare than its subsequent smartphone releases. It was a 'new' version of the Nokia 3310 that was, frankly, nothing special. Well now there's a new new Nokia 3310, only this one has 3G. Read More >>