A Nook Simple Touch For Just £60 Is Your Kindle-Killer Deal of the Day

The mighty Amazon Kindle now has a serious rival in the UK -- yes, the Nook is finally here, after making a trek on the slow boat from North America. Read More >>

John Lewis to Flog the Barnes & Noble Nook in the UK

We heard Amazon's biggest competitor in the US, Barnes & Noble, was firing a duo of ereaders onto our shores (hopefully bringing with them their bigger, Android-powered brother along too), but now we know where you can buy 'em. Right in good ol'John Lewis. Read More >>

Barnes & Noble Tests UK Waters With Its Nook Ereaders

Barnes & Noble, which has about the only serious competitor in the US to Amazon and its Kindle Fire, is firing two of its Nook ereaders into the UK. Hopefully it'll find our waters nice and toasty and send over its bigger brother the Nook Tablet, sooner rather than later. Read More >>