Nook Reborn as Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Itching for a new Nook tablet? Well you are getting one either way! The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is here to rescue you from a Nookless existence. Read More >>

Nook GlowLight Review: Pretty Screen, Silly Body

Back in 2012 Barnes and Noble introduced built-in frontlighting to the ereader world, beating Amazon at its own game — for a few months, anyway. Since then, there have been not one but two Kindle Paperwhites, but now B&N is bringing out its follow-up Nook GlowLight to the UK. And, at £89, it almost reclaims the top spot. Read More >>

Nook GlowLight Takes on the Kindle Paperwhite for UK Release

It's taken it the best part of a year a year to launch in the UK, but you'll finally be able to pick up one of Barnes & Noble's Nook GlowLight eReaders on our shores from today. Read More >>

Barnes & Noble Breaks Up Nook Into Separate Venture

Barnes & Noble, whose Nook eReader once seemed to be the company's best shot at survival, said today that it will break Nook into a separate public company. The move comes after disappointing Nook sales, especially compared to Amazon's Kindle. [The New York Times] Read More >>

Barnes & Noble and Samsung Team Up for New Nook Device

Remember how Barnes and Noble said it was going to give up on its Nook tablets? Well they are back! As branded Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Samsung and Barnes & Noble just signed an agreement to bring the Nook software and name to a version of the seven-inch Galaxy Tab 4. Hooray? Read More >>

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Scaling Back E-Reading Plans

Barnes & Noble and Microsoft have agreed to scale back their digital-reading partnership, which means that the bookseller will no longer develop its Nook e-reading app for Microsoft software. Read More >>

Barnes and Noble’s New Nook GlowLight Is White, Light, and Bright

Barnes and Noble may be going back and forth on its Android tablets, but the booksellers aren't wavering on e-ink. Meet the new Nook GlowLight, a light, white re-imagining of the front-lit reader we loved so well, back for a second shot at the throne. Read More >>

A Couple of Nook Tablets Are Your Super-Cheap-But-Good Deals of the Day

The good people at Nook aren't giving up with their aggressively low pricing strategy, as they try to lure us suspicious Brits towards their e-readers and tablet machines. Read More >>

Mini Solar-Powered Car Is Your Less-Than-Two-Gold-Coins Deal of the Day

Okay, so thanks to the might of the electric car, it looks as though petrol and diesel have had their day. But will we soon all be tootling around in SOLAR cars? Maybe... Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Wants to Buy Nook for £640 Million

TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft, which has already made an interesting $300 (£200) million investment in Nook, wants to double down and buy the whole darn thing. Specifically, Microsoft wants to pay £640 million to acquire the digital assets of Nook Media LLC — that would be the separate Nook company that spun off from Barnes & Noble last year. Microsoft wants its own Kindle (or iBooks) store. Read More >>

Nooks Just Turned Into Real Android Tablets

When it comes to skinned, forked, mainly-for-media-consumption Android tablets, Barnes & Noble's Nook HD and Nook HD+ offerings have always played second fiddle to Amazon's Kindle Fires, and a shortage of apps was a big part of that. Now, Nooks are taking a step into real full-fledged tabletdom with a big, big update: the Google. Read More >>

An Actually Decent E-Reader for £30 is Your Can’t-Afford-a-Kindle Deal of the Day

Something weird is happening regarding the Nook e-reading device and we're not sure that we like it. Not sure one little bit... Read More >>

Barnes & Noble Might Give Up On the Nook

According to the New York Times, struggling American bookmonger Barnes & Noble might be about to shelve its Nook. The problem is one more common to physical books than tablets: nobody's buying them. Read More >>

5 Ways Ereaders Are Still Better Than Tablets

The Age of the Ereader is drawing to an close. That's the drumbeat this week, after iSuppli pegged the year-over-year decline of reader sales at a staggering 36 per cent. It makes sense; why get a fuddy little Kobo when there are cheap Kindle Fires aplenty to be had? Turns out, plenty of reasons. Tablets are great, sure. But ereaders — in so many ways —are even better. Here's why. Read More >>

Which 7-Inch Tablet Should Be on Your Wishlist?

Christmas is nigh, and the season of gift-giving is nearly upon us. If you've been a good little Jack or Jackette, a tablet to cosset in your sweaty little hands might be top of your list. But choices, choices. Which of the 7-inch wonders on sale today should you want stashed  under the tree? We've got the answer. Read More >>