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North Korea Test-Fires Cruise Missiles Just to Heighten Everyone’s Anxiety Right Now

North Korea test-fired multiple short-range missiles early this morning, according to several reports, serving as a great reminder that there are plenty of other things that could destroy humanity beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Nuclear war between the US and North Korea, by choice or by accident, is still always a possibility. Read More >>

Microsoft Seizes ‘’ and Other Copycat Domains From North Korea-Linked Hackers

On Monday, Microsoft announced that it had taken control of 50 domains associated with hackers believed to be operating out of North Korea. Unsealed court documents show that the domains include “,” “,” and “,” among other copycat URLs. Read More >>

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My Dad Was a Spy, Maybe

I remember my first phone call from the FBI clearly. It was mid-May 2015. I was sitting in my dreary Midtown cubicle, chugging iced coffee and trying to hold out for the end of the day as a lowly junior reporter. My eyelids were drooping when my wrist buzzed. Someone was calling me. My fitness band and phone were buzzing with a weird three-digit number. Read More >>

‘Apocalypse in The Making’: Authorities to Use Drones and Snipers to Kill Infected North Korean Pigs

South Korea plans to slaughter invading diseased pigs on Tuesday using troops of swine assassins and thermal-imaging drones. Read More >>

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Trump Says North Korean Dictator Sent Him An Apology Note for Country’s Recent Missile Tests

Hours after North Korea purportedly launched its fifth round of short-range missile testing in the last few weeks, President Donald Trump let the world know in a series of Saturday morning tweets that at least the country’s dictator Kim Jong Un wrote him a letter apologising for it. Read More >>

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North Korean State Media Posts Photos of Kim Jong Un Touring ‘Newly Built’ Submarine

North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un, whose lineage is well known as the world’s foremost looker at things, has toured a “newly built” submarine, the country’s state-run media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) wrote in a release. Read More >>

Huawei Reportedly Helped North Korea Build Its 3G Wireless Network in Violation of Sanctions

The U.S. government has imposed strict sanctions against doing business with the North Korean government. But Huawei, a giant telecom company at the centre of a new Cold War between the U.S. and China, may have violated those sanctions by helping to build a 3G wireless network for North Korea, according to a new report from the Washington Post. Read More >>

North Korea Immortalises Leaders’ Thoughts in Ebook Form

North Korea is getting in on the electronic publishing scene, with the regime releasing an e-reader application able to parse one particularly must-read title – the complete thoughts and works of former leader Kim Jong-il and his father and the very first head of state of the nation Kim Il-sung. Read More >>

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Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother Kim Jong Nam, Killed With VX Nerve Agent, Was Reportedly CIA Informant

Kim Jong Un’s half brother Kim Jong Nam was an informant for the US Central Intelligence Agency who met more than once with unspecified “agency operatives” before he was killed with VX nerve toxin in a Malaysian airport in February 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday—albeit citing a “person knowledgeable with the matter.” Read More >>

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North Korea’s 2017 Nuclear Test Estimated to Be 16 Times Stronger Than the Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima

An updated estimate shows the September 2017 nuclear test by North Korea was equivalent to 250 kilotonnes of TNT—an explosive yield 16 times greater than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima during the Second World War. The explosion was also an order of magnitude stronger than the country’s previous five tests. Read More >>

North Korea Launches ‘Several’ Unidentified Projectiles Amid Stalled Nuclear Talks

North Korea fired off what the South Korean military described as “several unidentified short-range projectiles” early Saturday local time in a move that could threaten to upset whatever diplomatic gains the U.S. has achieved with the country in recent years, the New York Times reported. Read More >>

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North Korea Says It Tested a New ‘Tactical Guided’ Mystery Weapon, Further Freaking Everyone Out

North Korea has developed a brand new weapon according to dictator Kim Jong Un, who made the announcement on Wednesday night through state-controlled media channel KCNA. But Kim didn’t stop there. Just hours after the news, the country dropped another bombshell, explaining that North Korea wants US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo removed from nuclear negotiations. Read More >>

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Alleged North Korean Front Company Still Using the Same Brand Name on Social Media, Apparently

A company that the United Nations has said is a front for North Korean intelligence agencies, Global Communications Co. (Glocom), has continued its efforts to advertise sanctions-violating military hardware on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Motherboard reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

China Says Two Canadian Citizens Are Spies as Extradition of Huawei Exec Moves Forward

The Chinese government has formally accused two Canadian citizens, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, of spying and stealing “state secrets,” according to a new report in the Washington Post. The charges come on the heels of a Canadian court’s ruling on Friday that an executive for Huawei who’s been charged with fraud can be extradited from Canada to the United States. Read More >>

Employee Falls for Fake Job Interview Over Skype, Gives North Korean Hackers Access to Chile’s ATM Network: Report

The one thing no one expects on a job interview is North Korean hackers picking up on the other line. But that’s apparently exactly what happened to a hapless employee at Redbanc, the company that handles Chile’s ATM network. Read More >>