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North Korea Hacked a British TV Company That Was Going to Make a Show About North Korea

When it comes to having people adapt their country for various media projects, North Korea is, well, a little bit grumpy. Just ask Sony. It seems as though its efforts to sabotage anyone trying to produce anything related to the country, including hacking a British TV company that had plans to produce just that sort of show. Read More >>

North Korea Reportedly Hacked US-South Korean War Plans, Including How to Take Down Kim Jong-un

With a top Senate Republican warning that US leadership is edging us toward World War III, it’ll bring no one comfort to learn South Korean authorities believe that hackers working for the government of North Korea managed to steal highly-classified documents that included wartime contingency plans that were drawn up in 2015. Read More >>

The Agency That Launches America’s Nuclear Missiles Messed Up a Tweet

As North Korea and the US keep escalating their war of words, the world sits on the brink of nuclear destruction. So you’d hope that the people in charge of America’s nukes are keeping a cool head under pressure. But the latest tweet from US Strategic Command doesn’t give much confidence in that. Read More >>

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Police Had to Destroy a ‘Suspicious Package’ Outside North Korea’s London Embassy

Last night was a bit exciting in Ealing, but not in a good way. Police were called after a suspicious package was spotted outside of the North Korean embassy, which ended up with a controlled explosion being carried out. Read More >>

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North Korea Says That Trump’s UN Speech Was a Declaration of War

North Korea’s foreign minister Ri Yong Ho just had a rare press conference outside the United Nations in New York. And it’s not great. The diplomat declared that the US has declared war on North Korea. And he stressed that he hopes the world remembers that it was the US who declared war first in the future. Read More >>

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Reports: Latest North Korean Earthquake Was Likely Not Nuclear Test

A 3.4-magnitude earthquake rattled the area of Kilju in north-eastern North Korea on Saturday morning, CBC reported, just short of four miles from the Punggye-ri facility where the country has tested nuclear weapons. Read More >>

Report: South Korea May Ask US to Re-Deploy its Nuclear Weapons

Tensions on the Korean peninsula between North Korea and virtually every other country in the region continue to escalate in the wake of its possible detonation of a hydrogen bomb this weekend. Now the situation seems poised to escalate even further, with South Korean Defence Minister Song Young-moo investigating the possibility of having the US plant its nukes back on the demilitarised zone’s doorstep. Read More >>

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North Korea Appears to Challenge the US to a Dance Off In Latest Propaganda Video

Guys, I’ve got some good news. North Korea looks like it may have abandoned its plans to develop nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles and is instead challenging the US to a dance off. At least that’s my reading of their latest propaganda video. Read More >>

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North Korea Releases New Video of Simulated Missile Attack Against Guam

Fox News declared President Trump victorious last week, insisting that his unhinged threats against North Korea had deterred the country from planning a missile launch. North Korea had previously threatened to shoot a missile over Japan that would land in the waters near Guam. But those celebrations may have been a bit premature. Read More >>

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Study: North Korea’s Missiles Built For Show, Can’t Hit US Mainland Yet

Is America on the brink of all-out nuclear war with North Korea? Experts say no, probably not. But according to a new technical analysis of North Korea’s missile technology in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, even if it did come to that, the closest to the US heartland Kim Jong Un can strike is Anchorage, Alaska. Read More >>

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North Korea’s Powerful New Missile Tech May Have Been Smuggled From Ukraine

In the last few months, North Korea’s ability to launch a warhead beyond its backyard has improved exponentially. Its rapid development of intercontinental ballistic missile tech has left many confused. Now a researcher at the International Institute for Strategic Studies claims he might have solved the mystery. North Korea may have received its new souped up ICBM tech from a factory in the Ukraine, and it probably did so very illegally. Read More >>

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PornHub Dishes the Dirt on North Korean Porn Preferences

Banning porn doesn't stop people from wanting to watch it, and neither does having strict restrictions on your internet. Not even North Korea is free from the wily charms of naked internet people, and thanks to PornHub we have some insight into what Kim Jong Un and his cronies enjoy watching. Read More >>

As Trump Tweets World Into Nuclear Standoff, Bomb Shelter Sales Are Booming

After North Korea threatened to launch an “enveloping strike” at Guam, the unincorporated US territory’s office of civil defence posted emergency guidelines on Friday, explaining what citizens should do in the event of a missile attack. (“Do not look at the flash or fireball — It can blind you. Take cover behind anything that might offer protection.”) The advisory followed a week of alarming statements by President Donald Trump and North Korea, fuelling talk of nuclear apocalypse that’s been good for one specific industry: bomb shelter manufacturers. Read More >>

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North Korea Releases New War Games For Smartphones

North Koreans: they’re just like us! By which I mean they love smartphone games about war. And according to North Korean state media, the people of that isolated country have three new war-themed smartphone games to choose from. Read More >>

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US Bans Travel to North Korea Starting Next Month According to News Leaked on Twitter

The US will reportedly ban Americans from travelling to North Korea starting in late August. The formal announcement of the ban isn’t scheduled for next week, but news of the decision just leaked on Twitter. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess. Read More >>