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North Korean Defectors Say Radiation Is Leaking From Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

North Korea’s infamous nuclear test site, a facility in Punggye-ri in Kilju County, has long been reported to maintain the standards one might expect for a pariah government low on everything but zeal and weaponry. Outsiders can only get a limited picture of the country, let alone the test site, thanks to its isolation from the rest of the world. But concerns have included tunnel collapses at the facility and the possibility Mount Mantap, where it is located, could implode under stress from repeated nuclear tests and release large amounts of radiation. Read More >>

A Ghost Ship Carrying 8 ‘Skeletonised’ Bodies Washed Up in Japan—and It’s Not the First Time

A battered wooden fishing vessel containing eight partially skeletonised bodies washed ashore in northern Japan over the weekend. Disturbingly, it’s just the latest in a string of similar “ghost ships” that seem to be coming from North Korea. Read More >>

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North Korea Bans Fun

Life in North Korea must be pretty bleak, provided you're not one of the rich people that'd been cozying up to the Kim family for the past 50-60 years. Now it's probably going to get worse, because King Bowl Cut has reportedly banned some of the fun things in life, including drinking, singing, and mother's day celebrations of all things. Read More >>

Guy in Charge of All the US Nukes: Relax, I’m Not Gonna Let Trump Nuke Just Anything

The U.S. military’s stockpile of nuclear weapons is one of the most existentially terrifying arsenals ever assembled, and a conflict involving the detonation of even small percentage of those weapons could potentially destabilise the entire world. With a commander-in-chief who has shown a fairly incredible misunderstanding of how nuclear strategy works as well as a hair-trigger temper, it’s not surprising that some people are slightly concerned about a possible catastrophe. Read More >>

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North Korea’s Apple Obsession Brings New Meaning to the Phrase ‘Walled Garden’

The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is not known for embracing outside influences. But the country’s ruling elite are such big fans of Apple that North Korean technology has been designed to mimic hardware and software developed by the company. And Pyongyang’s admiration for Cupertino apparently goes much deeper—and darker. Read More >>

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Report: Hundreds Feared Killed Following Tunnel Collapse at North Korean Nuclear Test Site

As many as 200 workers were killed after a tunnel collapsed at North Korea’s underground nuclear test site, according to unconfirmed reports by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi. The accident is presumed to have happened in early September following the country’s most recent test of a hydrogen bomb, which may have compromised the geological strength of the mountain. Read More >>

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North Korea Has Hit Back at WannaCry Accusations, Calling Them ‘Groundless Speculation’

Last week Security Minister Ben Wallace publicly blamed North Korea for the WannaCry ransomware attack that crippled the NHS's computer system back in June. We already knew that thanks to anonymous sources in the intelligence services, but it was the first time a government official had said it in public. Well, as you'd expect, North Korea has hit back against those claims. Read More >>

Britain Publicly Names North Korea as Source of WannaCry Attack

In a BBC radio interview on Friday, British Security Minister Ben Wallace attributed this year’s WannaCry outbreak to the government of North Korea. The ransomware attack crippled roughly a third of Britain’s National Health Care trusts, as well as nearly 300 local doctor’s offices, in May. Read More >>

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North Korea Hacked a British TV Company That Was Going to Make a Show About North Korea

When it comes to having people adapt their country for various media projects, North Korea is, well, a little bit grumpy. Just ask Sony. It seems as though its efforts to sabotage anyone trying to produce anything related to the country, including hacking a British TV company that had plans to produce just that sort of show. Read More >>

North Korea Reportedly Hacked US-South Korean War Plans, Including How to Take Down Kim Jong-un

With a top Senate Republican warning that US leadership is edging us toward World War III, it’ll bring no one comfort to learn South Korean authorities believe that hackers working for the government of North Korea managed to steal highly-classified documents that included wartime contingency plans that were drawn up in 2015. Read More >>

The Agency That Launches America’s Nuclear Missiles Messed Up a Tweet

As North Korea and the US keep escalating their war of words, the world sits on the brink of nuclear destruction. So you’d hope that the people in charge of America’s nukes are keeping a cool head under pressure. But the latest tweet from US Strategic Command doesn’t give much confidence in that. Read More >>

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Police Had to Destroy a ‘Suspicious Package’ Outside North Korea’s London Embassy

Last night was a bit exciting in Ealing, but not in a good way. Police were called after a suspicious package was spotted outside of the North Korean embassy, which ended up with a controlled explosion being carried out. Read More >>

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North Korea Says That Trump’s UN Speech Was a Declaration of War

North Korea’s foreign minister Ri Yong Ho just had a rare press conference outside the United Nations in New York. And it’s not great. The diplomat declared that the US has declared war on North Korea. And he stressed that he hopes the world remembers that it was the US who declared war first in the future. Read More >>

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Reports: Latest North Korean Earthquake Was Likely Not Nuclear Test

A 3.4-magnitude earthquake rattled the area of Kilju in north-eastern North Korea on Saturday morning, CBC reported, just short of four miles from the Punggye-ri facility where the country has tested nuclear weapons. Read More >>

Report: South Korea May Ask US to Re-Deploy its Nuclear Weapons

Tensions on the Korean peninsula between North Korea and virtually every other country in the region continue to escalate in the wake of its possible detonation of a hydrogen bomb this weekend. Now the situation seems poised to escalate even further, with South Korean Defence Minister Song Young-moo investigating the possibility of having the US plant its nukes back on the demilitarised zone’s doorstep. Read More >>