Denmark is the Latest Country to Claim the North Pole as its Own

Although you might think that the North Pole is nothing but a barren wilderness populated only by polar bears and Santa, a large number of countries are getting surprisingly bitchy about who owns it — mostly because of the oil underneath. Today, Denmark added its name to the list. Read More >>

Explore the Lumpy, Bumpy Martian North Pole in this 3D Video

You've probably never lent Mars's northern pole a great deal of thought, but you can explore it in wonderful 3D glory in this ESA video. Read More >>

Canada’s Getting Ready to Claim the North Pole as its Own

Have you spent the past decade believing that Canada is nothing more than the US's friendly, innocuous neighbour to the north? Good—that's what they wanted you to think. In reality, Canada has given the past 10 years of its life and $200 million (£122 million) in taxpayer money to file the ultimate claim: over 1 million square miles of Arctic seafloor that, yes, includes the North Pole. Read More >>

Watch an Insanely Relaxing Flight Across the Arctic Ice Plains by NASA

What you see here is some of the best footage shot from the front and back mounted cameras on one of the P-3B aircraft that runs NASA's IceBridge missions. These vistas are from the spring mission over Greenland and the Arctic, but NASA's going back for more this fall. Read More >>

The North Pole is Frozen Again

Brace yourselves, Winter is coming. A piece of breaking semi-climate change related news has come out of the Arctic. The North Pole no longer looks like a lake as it did a week ago. It's frozen now, just as it's supposed to be. Read More >>