The North is Getting its Eden

Eden Project North has moved a big step nearer the actually happening stage, with the £85m project's backers submitting their environmental report to local planners and saying it could be ready to transform lucky old Morecambe by 2023. Read More >>

The North is Sick of London-Centric Politics and Calls for a Revolution in How It’s Treated

London needs to buck up its ideas and start investing in the north before it starts clamouring for its own king/queen, as newspapers in the region are pressing for a "revolution" in the way the north is treated on their front pages. Read More >>

Plans Submitted for Maglev Pods to Link Manchester and Liverpool

A ridiculously ambitious plan to link Manchester and Liverpool with high speed maglev trains has been handed in to bosses within the Transport for the North department, which could, if it ever existed, get people across the country in a matter of minutes. Read More >>

Transport for the North Says No to Northern Oyster Card

The boss of  Transport for the North has spoken out regarding what he'd like to see happen to the transport infrastructure in the awkward part of the country outside of the M25, asking the chancellor to up investment in rail so the North's new east-west rail link may include a massive new tunnel under the Pennines. Read More >>

The Aurora Rocked the UK Skies Last Night

Do you live somewhere in the UK that might be covered by the blanket description of "The North?" Are you not subject to an ASBO and therefore allowed to go outside when it's dark? If so, you might have seen some War of the Worlds style green sky action last night, as the aurora borealis was particularly on fire yesterday, due, we think, to the gods being angry about the result of the Bake Off. Read More >>

What Does Hull Winning UK’s City of Culture Award Actually Mean?

Hull. It's in the North somewhere. It sounds a bit grim and we don't really know anything about it or the names of any bands that come from there, or if it even has a decent local kind of cake or pie. So it is therefore funny that it's been name the UK's City of Culture for 2017, right? Read More >>