Missing Person Found At National Gallery – Taking A Screwdriver To A Masterpiece

Northampton missing person Keith Gregory has been found in London after going missing in November – in the east wing of the National Portrait Gallery, slashing a famous Gainsborough painting with a screwdriver. Read More >>

Northampton Clown-Catcher Vigilante Promises to End Internet Clown Mystery

You may have seen the Northampton Clown terrorising the internet in the past few days... now another clown has jumped on the bandwagon, with a superhero threatening to hunt him down and squirt water in his face from a pretend flower. Read More >>

Power of Twitter Helps Boy Find Lost Chicken in Northampton

Twitter's not just for starting revolutions, it's also great for finding lost pets seemingly. 11-year-old Tom Crowley lost his beloved pet Ginger the chicken after it crossed the road, only to be found when his mother tweeted about her son's despair. Not exactly the most riveting tweet, but it sure beats bleating on about how Jeremy Clarkson deserves the axe, anyway. Read More >>