Activists Are Using Robots to Send Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland

Activists say they will use robots to deliver abortion pills to Northern Ireland, where abortion is only legal if the life of the woman is endangered. While it’s illegal in the region for a pregnant woman to have a medical abortion in nearly all cases, the organisations operating the robots said on Wednesday that they are not breaking any laws because the robots will be operated abroad, from the Netherlands. Read More >>

Commonwealth Games and World War I Join UK’s Coin Collection

The Royal Mint has shown off the new range of coins that'll be jingling about in our pockets with the rest of them in 2014, with the star being a new two pound coin featuring WWI recruitment figurehead Lord Kitchener. Yes, another man on our money, but we understand there's still a woman on the back of them all. Read More >>

This Preacher Genuinely Reckons He Can Cure Illness By Kicking You in the Head

And thankfully he's been refused entry into the UK. Canadian "healing evangelist, revivalist, and author", Todd Bently, genuinely believes that by kicking people in the head, knocking them over, and choking them, he can cure illness. What the hell? Read More >>

We’ve Just Taken One Massive Step Forward to 4G in the UK

London’s analogue TV transmitters have gone dark. From now on you’ll have to resort to FreeView or FreeSat to get your free-to-air TV fix in the Greater London area, which I can’t imagine any of you are sad about. But after a myriad of delays, it also means that we’ve taken a very important step towards our 4G future, and that should have you right-royally excited. Read More >>

Cyberbullying Focus In Northern Ireland Kicks Off Anti-Bullying Week

It's anti-bullying week this week in the UK and schools across Northern Ireland have set about tackling the impact of cyberbullying. 650 schools are taking part in the cyber-focus, with between 15-17 per cent of 10-13 year olds affected by the digital bullying. Read More >>

Slow broadband
Northern Irish Screwed Over 3G Coverage and Broadband Speeds

Unfortunately not everywhere within our union is equal when it comes to fixed and mobile broadband. It seems Northern Ireland, in particular, is getting screwed according to a recent Ofcom report. Read More >>