Northern Arc Would Use Hyperloop To Connect Manchester to Edinburgh Via Major Cities

The people in the north are about to one-up southerners with a fancy new proposal that will bring a high-speed hyperloop several key cities. Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow would all be connected by the proposed service and passengers would be able to travel between all the cities in a little over 45 minutes. Read More >>

Transport for the North Says No to Northern Oyster Card

The boss of  Transport for the North has spoken out regarding what he'd like to see happen to the transport infrastructure in the awkward part of the country outside of the M25, asking the chancellor to up investment in rail so the North's new east-west rail link may include a massive new tunnel under the Pennines. Read More >>

What is This “Northern Powerhouse” Thing They Speak of in Posh Southern Accents?

A survey of people in the north-ish bits of England show that the government's plan to create a Northern Powerhouse is falling on deaf ears, with nearly half of the people asked having literally no idea what it means, what it's for, or if it's a regional car insurance company or the slogan of an egocentric local electrician. Read More >>