3d printing
3D-Printing Tools from Martian Dust Will One Day Help Us Colonise Mars

One of the many challenges of colonising Mars is that the planet is lacking many of the natural resources we rely on here on Earth. We’ll need to bring as much of what we need to survive as possible, but you can only pack so much into a spaceship. So scientists are developing ways to utilise at least one of the red planet’s most abundant resources: dust. Read More >>

Theory: Fish Grew Legs Because Their Eyes Got Big Enough To See Snacks On Land

For the first time, a study has persuasively argued that our water-based ancestors made the move from sea to land because their eyes grew and suddenly they could see all the tasty goodness on the shore. Read More >>

Should This Historic Architectural Icon be Razed?

Even in a city famed for the sheer scope of its award winning architecture, the old Prentice Women's Hospital building in downtown Chicago stands out, thanks to its sculptural, futuristic façade. But soon, Prentice might not be standing at all, if Northwestern University has its way. Read More >>

New Li-Ion Batteries Will Run Ten Times Longer and Charge Ten Times Quicker

While gadgets improve by leaps and bounds every year, the technology that powers them hasn't. Batteries still suck, unless something comes of this research at Northwestern University that promises new lithium-ion alternatives that charge ten times faster with ten times the capacity. Read More >>