Britain Risks War With Norway Over Slightly Battered Christmas Tree

The venerable tradition that sees London gifted a Christmas tree from Norway as thanks for our national war efforts is at risk of turning sour, as loads of 2019 kids mock this year's offering for being a bit bent around the edges. How we would love to see their home decoration efforts in return. Read More >>

climate change
Threat of Climate Change Is Forcing Norway to Drop Millions on Its Doomsday Vault

Today’s addition of 70,000 new seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault brings the total number of crops stored at the Arctic facility to over one million. It’s an important milestone—but to keep the vault running, and to protect it from the effects of climate change, the Norwegian government is going to have to spend upwards of £9 million in upgrades. Read More >>

Norway Gets a Second Doomsday Vault That Stores Data

Just in time for doomsday, Norway’s “Doomsday Vault” is getting an expansion. Officially known as the World Arctic Archive, the vault opened this week and has already taken submissions from two countries. This time, instead of storing seeds that will survive the apocalypse, the vault is archiving data using specially developed film. Read More >>

Norway’s Blasting A Ship Tunnel Through A Mile Of Rock To Save Sailors’ Lives

It was originally proposed in 1874, but after more than a hundred years of heated debate, a world-first ship tunnel is finally scheduled to be built through a mountain in Norway. Read More >>

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Seeing the Seasons Pass in Norway Is Surreal

Morten Rustad travelled over 12,000 miles, taking 20,000 photos over the course of an entire year to make this beyond impressive time-lapse of the seasons changing in Norway. It's the perfect way to take yourself away from all the nonsense going on in the world for a few moments. It almost makes you want to leave everything behind and just live under the sky. Read More >>

Norway Is Killing FM Radio Tomorrow

On Wednesday, Norway will become the first country in the world to start shutting down its national FM radio network in favour of digital radio. Norwegians have had years to prepare, but the move is still catching many off guard. Read More >>

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Norway’s Experimental Police Uniform Is Silly and Sort of Scary

A public backlash has emerged in Norway in response to a proposed police uniform that’s been compared to outfits worn by science fiction villains and totalitarian dictators. Read More >>

Customers Sue Telsa Because ‘Insane Mode’ Not Insane Enough

According to 126 Tesla customers, the Model S saloon P85D performance version's “insane mode” isn’t as insane as the company claims. Read More >>

Lightning Storm Kills Hundreds of Reindeer in One Fell Swoop

It’s a scene straight out of Santa’s worst nightmare: A lightning strike killed more than 300 reindeer at a park in southern Norway on Friday. Read More >>

This Artist Makes Incredible Designs With Just Snow And His Shoes

Why not take the edge off the prospect of the weekend ending with this video of a snow artist who does more than just hike in the snow. Snow artist Simon Beck was one of four artists that was invited to Stryn in Norway, where he found inspiration for his project. Read More >>

You Might Not Able to Buy a Petrol-Powered Car in Norway After 2025

The oil-rich nation of Norway could be the first country to ban petrol-powered cars for good. Read More >>

Aww, Norway Wants to Gift a Mountain to Finland

This story takes place far inside the Arctic Circle but, no, it’s not about Santa Claus. What it is about is truly embracing the Christmas spirit — the part where you give something of yourself. Read More >>

Norway’s Doctors Still Use Floppy Disks, and They’re More Secure Than the Alternative

In Norway, doctors are clinging to older MS DOS-based electronic journals. As a result there’s a system in place that still employs floppy disks—and it works extremely well. But a blog post on says the Norwegian government might be retiring the floppy disk option as soon as next year. Read More >>

How Volunteers Built a Memorial to One of the Worst Mass Shootings Ever

It's been four years since a gunman killed 77 people in Norway, 69 of them on the small island of Utøya. In time for the anniversary, the island has unveiled the finished memorial to the victims. But it’s not the memorial officials had originally planned, and the reason why illustrates how difficult memorialising can be for a country. Read More >>