Norwich Drone Enthusiast Buzzed by Police for Illegal Flight

A drone pilot who went a bit too close to a scheduled ancient monument in a highly populated urban centre has been given a talking-at by local police, after the flier accidentally grassed himself up by posting footage of his flight online. Read More >>

Get Closer to Satan/Death With Norwich Cathedral’s Helter Skelter

Yes, that says Norwich Cathedral's helter skelter, as church bosses, increasingly desperate to replace all the old women that keep dying out with anyone under the age of 65, have taken drastic measures to get the kids – or anyone able to get up off the floor unassisted – in. Read More >>

Leicester City Fans Caused an Earthquake Celebrating Last-Gasp Ulloa Goal

For the first time ever, somewhat surprisingly, scientists have managed to record a mini earthquake created by football fans. Last month, a team of geologists from the University of Leicester and the British Geological Survey (BSG) set up a seismometer 500m from Leicester City FC’s King Power stadium, as part of a project designed to get more people interested in science. Read More >>

Police Called as Rival Sci-Fi Clubs Battle for Doctor Who Star’s Attention

The usually sedate and harmless Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention at the University of East Anglia kicked off and required police intervention, after a rival science fiction group dared to enter its turf. Read More >>

Norwich Cathedral Turned Into Massive Broadband Router

Broadband out in the sticks has always been a bit of a sticky problem: the infrastructure's expensive, but residents aren't always willing to pony up way over the odds for a bit of iPlayer. Now, though, there's a new plan to harness the spiritual power of the Church of England to bring more than just goodwill to the people of Norfolk. Read More >>