Tamagotchi is Back – And I Already Killed Mine

Just after 11 am on Saturday morning, I became the proud parent of my very first Tamagotchi, freshly hatched from its virtual egg. By yesterday afternoon it was dead; its passing a poignant reminder that the gadgets we adored as kids aren’t always as awesome 20 years later when we’re grownups. Read More >>

London Photos Show Just How Long Ago 1990 Was

1990 doesn't sound that long ago, does it? The beginning of the Fresh Prince, Italia '90, Home Alone? But if it's hard to believe it was more than a quarter of a century ago, these pictures should help. Read More >>

Remembering Leo Baxendale, Creator of Minnie The Minx & The Bash St Kids

A part of our childhoods has died with the news that Leo Baxendale, creator of the Bash St Kids and Minnie The Minx, has completed the last panel of his life. Read More >>

Happy Birthday! We’re Going To Disneyland

Today is the 25th birthday of Disneyland Paris, and we're indulging our childhood wishes with a nostalgic trip to the theme park of our dreams. Read More >>

10 Of The Best Red Nose Day Sketches Ever

It's Red Nose Day once again, so we've delved into the archives to find ten of our favourite moments from the star-studded sketches over the years, from Kylie on Men Behaving Badly to Robert Webb doing Flashdance. Read More >>

Steps Are Back And They’re Going On Tour With The Vengaboys. Yep. Really.

If the reboot of the Nokia 3310 and our 1994 post haven't made you feel old enough yet, how about the news that boot-scootin' pop band Steps are celebrating their 20th anniversary? Read More >>

This Is What Our Lives Were Like In 1994

The brilliant BBC 6 Music is having a '1994 day' today, travelling back in time to remember what life was like 22 years ago, before we had iPhones and VR, but we did have John Major and the Chunnel. Read More >>

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Why Are We So Damn Nostalgic These Days?

It’s not the fault of Hollywood, Netflix, or even the internet. Or, well, it’s not all their fault. We’re to blame for encouraging all these nostalgic re-releases and poorly re-hashed versions of things from our childhood, too. 8-Bit Philosophy delves into our need for nostalgia and cites philosopher Svetlana Boyn, who has said that nostalgia has historically coincided with revolution. Read More >>

I Want This Mini Nintendo Famicom So Bad

Nintendo will be releasing an absolutely adorable mini NES in the UK November, so it just makes sense that Japan is getting its own baby Famicom. Read More >>

Remember Playing ‘The Floor Is Hot Lava’ as a Kid? It’s Now a Video Game

When there’s nothing on TV, and it’s raining outside, and you’re bored of your toys, every kid always has one reliable way to entertain themselves: pretend the floor is lava and do anything you can to cross a room without stepping on it. It used to require a healthy imagination, until someone turned the idea into a video game. Read More >>

The Nintendo NX is Bringing Cartridges Back: Report

The glory days of Nintendo consoles will forever be tied to endlessly blowing in plastic game cartridges. With its upcoming convertible system, Nintendo will try to recapture that magic, a source told The Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

How Movie Sequels Play with Our Emotions By Recycling Nostalgia

The Nerdwriter has a really interesting breakdown on intertextuality in movies, or the idea of how something seen in a movie is shaped by something previously seen in something else. A call back of sorts. A cultural or genre nod, even. Read More >>

Antique Photos Were Used to Make This Convincing Footage That Looks 85 Years Old

Instead of rebuilding cities like New York, Boston, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. like a CG dinosaur, Alexey Zakharov used a technique where he sliced up antique photos and then carefully animated the various elements, like people, cars, and buildings, to give the appearance of actual moving footage. Read More >>

A Clever Algorithm in This Emulator Lets You Play Classic 8-Bit Nintendo Games in 3D

3D TVs may have gone the way of the dodo, but as the Oculus Rift has proven, a third dimension can make video games far more immersive. That even goes for the 2D Nintendo classics you grew up playing, thanks to a new emulator with a intelligent algorithm that automatically converts those games to 3D. Read More >>