Prototype Samsung 5G Phone Spotted – With An Emo Notch

Remember the Emo Notch (as we've christened it) from the ASUS ZenFone 6? Casually falling down over the phone's forehead like a greasy sideswept fringe? Read More >>

Samsung And Huawei’s Phones With Holes Are Coming This Month

Are you ready for phones with holes? Because they're ready for you. Read More >>

We Have New Details About The Samsung Galaxy S10

Heads up, phone fans: there's been a new leak about the Samsung Galaxy S10, and it's a good'un. Read More >>

The ASUS ZenFone 6 Has an Emo Notch

It's not even 2019 yet and already the Mobile World Congress leaks have started. Today we got a glimpse of what purports to be the ASUS ZenFone 6, apparently due to launch during the annual tech show in Barcelona this February. Read More >>

The Incredible Evolution of the Smartphone Notch: From Bezels to All Screen

Despite Essential being first, after Apple adopted the notch, nearly every other smartphone maker jumped on the bandwagon and made those stupid little cutouts at the top of the screen the most discussed and reviled feature on handsets in the last 18 months. Read More >>

For Better or Worse, Google Is Apparently Getting Down With the Notch

Android Oreo hasn’t even landed on one per cent of Android Phones yet, but Google is already looking ahead to the next big update for the world’s most popular mobile OS. And if a report from Bloomberg is true, Android P could make it easier for phone makers to design devices with unusual displays. Read More >>

The Microsoft Deal Could Finally Put Minecraft on Oculus Rift

Microsoft's $2.5 billion deal to buy Mojang, the company that makes Minecraft, is still just a few minutes old. Lots of debris to sort through! But there's one glimmer of hope for anxious Minecraft fans. The deal could finally pave the way to putting Minecraft where it truly belongs: On the Oculus Rift. Read More >>

Minecraft Man’s New Game is Bewildering Horse Sim Joke

Once you've made a trans-generational money-hoovering smash like Minecraft, you're allowed to take it easy. Which is exactly what creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has been doing, as his latest game is the bizarre and rubbish-on-purpose Cliffhorse. Read More >>

Play Minecraft Creator’s New FPS Game, Right Now

It's Monday afternoon, and we're all bored out of our minds by spreadsheets (that's why you're here, right?). Nuke that boredom right in your browser with Markus "Notch" Persson's new free game Shambles, part of the seven-day FPS creation challenge. Read More >>

This is the New, Free Browser Game From the Creator of Minecraft

Bored this Monday lunchtime? Check out Drop, the new free-to-play browser game from Notch, the creator of the epic Minecraft. It's like Mavis Beacon slammed into Super Hexagon. Addictive and useful. It's practically, err, educational. Read More >>

windows 8
You’re Being Lied To: Windows 8 Isn’t Bad for Gaming

Windows 8 is a threat to computer gaming. It's a "catastrophe," if you listen to Gabe Newell at Valve, or heads at a bunch of other major gaming companies. But the thing is, even though everyone in video games is yelling about Windows 8, they're not actually yelling about, well, gaming. Read More >>