Save £80 on a Samsung Galaxy Phablet With Your “Note 2 be Sniffed at” Deal of the Day

Ever felt like you don't have enough gadgets in your life? Human warmth doesn't thrill you any more, so you need bits of electronics with apps that will distract you from your gnawing self loathing and unswerving hatred? Good news! We've got loads of deals on gadgets which will slam shut your window of despair. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Could Cost More Than an iPhone 5

OK, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is much, much bigger than an iPhone 5, but could it really command a premium over the £530 asking price of Apple's sales-monster? Pre-orders have gone live for the Note 2 in the UK, and, unfortunately, it's not going to come cheap. Read More >>

Samsung’s Gunning For the iPhone 5 With Its “Unbreakable” Galaxy Note 2 Phablet

Samsung's apparently got a new phablet on its way, and considering the success of the original Galaxy Note, I'm not surprised. The Koreans aren't holding their punches though -- Samsung's apparently bringing the Galaxy Note 2 forward to launch in October to take Apple's incoming iPhone 5 head on. Read More >>