Exclusive: The Thing That Exploded at St Pancras Wasn’t a Smartphone

A bang and a cloud of smoke cleared out the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras this week, when a lot of people understandably panicked that some kind of terrorist incident was afoot. Read More >>

A Smartphone Exploded at St Pancras

Someone's phone scared the absolute bejeezus out of everyone at the Eurostar terminal in St Pancras station in London last night, when it decided to do a Note 7 and explode. Read More >>

Meet The People Still Using The Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2019

Back in 2016 I attended the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in London. I remember it because I was pulled out of the queue, frisked and had my bag searched. It’s something of an irony that while there were no explosives about my person, there were about 30 on the show floor just 50 yards away. Read More >>

Xiaomi Is Launching A Phone Called The Note 7

In a move that could either be considered brave or really, really daft, Chinese superbrand Xiaomi has announced it'll be launching a phone called the Note 7 -- the same name as Samsung's famously explodey flagship. Read More >>

Samsung Wants to Sell Refurbished Note 7s With the Silliest Possible Name

Samsung caught a whole mess of bad press last year after numerous reports of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploding. The company, however, apparently believes there’s still a rabid fanbase demanding a defused version of its mobile time bomb. So a refurbished version of the phone is going back on shelves next month — bearing what might be the most delusional name possible. Read More >>

For Some Reason, Samsung Might Sell Refurbished Versions of Its Exploding Phones

The Galaxy Note 7 is a huge black mark for Samsung—an exploding embarrassment that cost the company tonnes of money and kicked off one of the biggest PR nightmares in recent memory. But despite the global recall, the jokes on late night TV, and the fact that the US FAA and other agencies banned the phone from air travel, Samsung might sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s in the future. That’s... certainly a choice! Read More >>

Galaxy Note 7 Battery Factory Catches on Fire Now

A fire has broken out at a Chinese factory that produced batteries for Samsung's doomed Galaxy Note 7 device, as the misery surrounding everyone that's ever had anything to do with Samsung's global disaster continues. Read More >>

Samsung Won’t Launch The Galaxy S8 At MWC This Year

After the long and hand-wringing investigation into why Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire, Samsung announced last night that its next phone, likely to be called the Galaxy S8, will not be launching at Mobile World Congress in February. Read More >>

Samsung Finally Releases Note 7 Disaster Autopsy

As promised, Samsung has revealed the results of its investigation into the spate of Galaxy Note 7s that caught fire. Read More >>

Flight Cancelled After Moron Names Wi-Fi Network ‘Galaxy Note 7’

This week, one Virgin America flight was delayed and another was reportedly cancelled after crew members discovered a wi-fi hotspot named “Samsung Galaxy Note 7” mid-flight. Ultimately, however, no Note 7 was found on the plane, as the network belonged to another device named to resemble the banned smartphone. Read More >>

Samsung Is About to Brick Every Galaxy Note 7 in America

If you’re still carrying around a Galaxy Note 7, you should return it ASAP. Especially since Samsung has plans to make it completely useless. Samsung on Friday announced that it will be issuing a software update to US Note 7s that will prevent the phone from charging or working as mobile devices. Read More >>

New Galaxy Note 7 Report is a Warning to the Industry About Stupidly Thin Phones

A teardown performed by manufacturing company Instrumental suggests that the industry’s ongoing obsession with slimness was the Note 7’s downfall. Read More >>

Sad Samsung Apologises for Exploding Phones in Full Page Newspaper Ads

Samsung is really, really, really sorry about all of the explosions. On Monday, the Korean hardware giant issued full-page apology ad to its customers in  The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Read More >>

Samsung Lost a Tonne of Money Due to Exploding Phones

Samsung just filed its third quarter earnings report, and the results are not looking good. The company’s net profit fell 16.8 per cent following the disastrous launch and unprecedented recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone launch. Samsung’s mobile division is reporting the lowest quarterly profit in more than six years, back when its first Galaxy phone came out. Ouch! Read More >>

Samsung Is Giving South Korean Note 7 Owners a Killer Deal on the Note 8

Samsung is offering its South Korean Note 7 owners a cheaper upgrade for the yet-to-be-released Galaxy S8 or Note 8. Read More >>