After Reading This You Still Won’t Know When Samsung Plans To Announce The Note 8

The unrelenting tedium of the mobile launch cycle has started to crank up in preparation for the new range of glassy rectangles. Today's glassy rectangle is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will be announced soon. But no one is quite sure how soon. Read More >>

Samsung Is Giving South Korean Note 7 Owners a Killer Deal on the Note 8

Samsung is offering its South Korean Note 7 owners a cheaper upgrade for the yet-to-be-released Galaxy S8 or Note 8. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 8.0 Hands On: The 8-Inch Tablet as an 8-Inch… Phone

Samsung's Galaxy Note just grew to 8 inches. It's actually really nice. It combines a bunch of the stuff that Samsung's been building in the Galaxy S and Note series and puts them into a nearly perfectly sized tablet. Two things, though. One, we don't know how much it costs, and price is a huge deal for 7- and 8-inch tablets. Two, the international version is a freaking 8-inch phone. Read More >>