Samsung’s Still Trying to Make Bixby Happen, Won’t Let Galaxy Note 9 Owners Disable It

Samsung has had its fair share of flack about Bixby, mainly because nobody wanted another AI assistant - let alone one that's even more useless than the test of them. While Samsung initially wouldn't let people officially disable or remap the Bixby button when it launched on the Galaxy S8, it eventually (sort of) relented and let users turn the button off. With the launch of the Note 9, it seems to be back to its old tricks of forcing Bixby on a populace that really doesn't want it. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Is the Best Big Phone

Since the beginning, the big honking screens on Galaxy Note phones have been their most memorable characteristic. But as the rest of the smartphone world caught onto the jumbo display trend and screen sizes from various makers started to converge around six-inch displays, the throne on which Samsung’s Note phones lorded over lesser devices just didn’t have the same kind of sway. So now, the question is: What’s the purpose of a big ass flagship handset in 2018, especially one that starts at the pearl-clutching price of £899? Read More >>

Fortnite Comes To Android – And Samsung Note 9 Owners Get It First

Hey, you know that thing you don't understand that all the kids like? Today, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite is finally coming to Android - with Samsung owners at the front of the queue. Read More >>

A Bunch of Galaxy Note 9 Renders Leaked, Showing off the S-Pen and New Cases

It's less than two weeks until Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 9, and as ever the leaks still keep coming. In fact they're even including proper renders of the phone's accessories, though it's not clear if its just because they're suddenly more readily available or if leakers are scrambling to get everything out before the big day. Either way the latest batch shows off the new and upgraded S-Pen, alongside some of the official cases that will be available. Read More >>

Samsung’s Newest Note 9 Teaser is All About the Battery

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is due to be unveiled in two weeks time, at a Galaxy Unpacked event on 9th August. Even though it feels like we've heard everything there is to know about the phone already, Samsung's still kicking off the hype campaign to try and get people excited for the big day. Today it's released a new teaser to that effect, and it's all about the battery. Oh and it takes some subtle shots at Apple, as is the Samsung way. Read More >>