Galaxy Note Edge Review: This Crazy Smartphone Ain’t Half Bad

You've never seen anything quite like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The phone looks like it's melting. The entire right edge of the device is a second screen. And though it feels like a gimmick at first, that extra, angled real estate can be surprisingly cool. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is Coming to the UK

Samsung's bizarre phone with the touchable Edge Screen is coming to the UK, with network Vodafone set to stock it on contracts soon. Off contract, a SIM-free price of €899 (£700) has been mentioned for the innovative phone, which features app shortcuts and notifications on its curved edge along with a 5.6-inch 2560 x 1440 display. [Techradar, Inquirer] Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge Won’t be Mass-Produced

Earlier this month, Samsung unleashed another one of its zany special projects on us: the Galaxy Note Edge, an otherwise-normal smartphone with an edge-curved screen. Well, to the disappointment of everyone who's bored with a flat screen, Samsung have confirmed that the Edge won't be mass-produced, and may not be coming to the west. Read More >>