Vegans Won’t be Able to Eat the New Polymer £20, Either

The results are IN from the Bank of England's consultation over the animal fats in money scandal, and everyone says that's it OK and nothing is going to change. Hooray for democracy's ability to keep everything the same. Read More >>

Scotland Will Have a Polymer £10 in September too

Scotland's Clydesdale Bank, one of several Scottish banks that issues its own brand of bank note, is about to join the rush to make the tenner plastic. It'll launch its polymer £10 on September 21, just in time for baffled English tourists to take one home and have an argument in a Hemel Hempstead Tesco garage about if they're legal tender in England or not. Read More >>

That £100 Note in Your Pocket May be Worth £300

A super-rare bank note from the Napoleonic era has been discovered in the UK, with the £100 note expected to fetch up to £300 at auction. Which is a bit rubbish, actually, as when it was produced in 1814 it would've been worth the equivalent of around £3,500 in today's money. Read More >>

Unfakeable Fiver Faked and in Circulation

That new fiver with all the fancy windows and polymer construction designed to make it secure and harder to smash out a batch on a colour printer? It's been faked already, with police in Cornwall saying some have been spotted in circulation. Read More >>

New £20 Note Might be Safe for Vegans to Eat

The Bank of England and its note printing partners are experimenting with a new manufacturing process that does away with the small quantities of rendered animal fat tallow that are present in the new £5 and forthcoming polymer £10 notes, with a chance that the option might be ready in time for the introduction of the new £20 note in 2020. Read More >>

Meat Money is Staying in Circulation

The Bank of England is not yielding to pressure to remove the new polymer £5 note from circulation, with the note and its small quantities of animal fats to remain in circulation due to some serious sounding reasons. Read More >>

Evernote, Google Keep, OneNote – Which Note Taking App is the Best?

Popular cross-platform ideas-saving aide-memoir Evernote has suddenly and drastically gone down in everyone's estimation, thanks to the money men winning some internal arguments and limiting the features available to users of the free version. So is it time to jump ship and start using something else to tell you a thing needs doing on Friday? Read More >>

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Wacom’s Digitising Notebook Can Finally Convert Handwriting To Text

If you’re hesitant to give up pen and paper for all your note-taking needs, Wacom’s Bamboo Spark digitising notebook has added another good reason to avoid a touchscreen stylus for a little while longer: handwriting to text conversion. Read More >>

Wacom’s New Digitising Notebook Could Bring Me Back to Pen and Paper

I love writing stuff down. Well, I love the idea of writing stuff down. Often I abandon the actual task because keeping track and archiving written notes is a huge pain in the bum. Wacom has a new toy called Bamboo Spark that digitises your handwritten notes without you having to think about it...much. Read More >>

A Mondrian Inspired Post-It Note Block for Your De Stijl Desk

Never forget the plan for your next artistic masterwork with this Mondrian-inspired post-it note block. The "Monde Riant" sticky notes cost €13.70 (£10.89) from PA-Design, though you wouldn't want to be left with those thin white strips if you get a burst of inspiration for your novel's final chapter. [PA-Design] Read More >>

Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Ideas Notebooks Scanned and Stuck Online

30,000 pages of notes written by Charles Darwin have been digitised and put online, giving academics a chance to see how he formulated his famous claims that your great granddad was actually a monkey and his great granddad was a crab. Read More >>

This Note-Taking App is the First iOS Widget That’s Actually Useful

When they were announced, the widgets in iOS 8 sounded like they had huge potential. But then iOS 8 came out and, well, all of the widgets sort of sucked. Until this one. Read More >>

Post-It’s New App Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Digital and Reality

Despite the number of free, awesome note-taking apps any smartphone-owning person can lay their hands on, Post-Its are still probably the most popular way to jot down a quick reminder. In an effort to make their flagship product more digital and down with the productivity-focused kids, 3M has released an app to help digitise your scribbles. Read More >>

Scottish Bank Leads Plastic Money Rush With Polymer Fiver in 2015

The first polymer bank note will appear in Scotland next year, with Clydesdale Bank set to introduce our first "plastic" money. The special fiver will commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Forth Bridge, with two million of them going into circulation from next March. Read More >>

Plastic English Bank Notes are Go For 2016

The Bank of England's done with its consultation on the merits of plastic or polymer bank notes, revealing that it is indeed going ahead with the scheme and that the new Sir Winston Churchill fiver will be the first non-paper notes for England. Read More >>