Amateur Lion Keeper Allowed to Keep His Big Cat Pets

A Nottinghamshire man has been told he may continue to operate an extremely small and private big cat zoo of his own creation, with the local council planning team narrowly approving an application to continue to be in charge of his wild beasts. Read More >>

Smoking Nottingham Building is Art, Not on Fire

Italian artist Lara Favaretto had an idea for something to do and call art. She's enjoying a run of her latest project at the Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre, in which steam is pumped out into the surrounding streets. This probably says something important about life, feminism, war, genital mutilation, Donald Trump and veganism, but to passersby it also says SHIT THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE, so people are calling the fire brigade on some art. Read More >>

Nottingham Building Site Reveals New Underground Caves

All Nottinghamsters like me are aware of the network of around 700 caves under the city, but occasionally a bit of construction work uncovers some new ones – and that's just happened on the site of Nottingham Trent Uni's latest build. Read More >>

£2.5m Cultural Video Game Centre Coming to Nottingham

The National Videogame Arcade is the name of Nottingham's latest attraction, with the £2.5m building set to open in early 2015 and give games their very own artistic epicentre. Read More >>

Laser-Scanning Hundreds of Artificial Caves Beneath Nottingham

There are more than 450 artificial caves excavated from sandstone beneath the streets and buildings of Nottingham, England—including, legendarily, the old dungeon that once held Robin Hood. Not all of these caves are known even today, let alone mapped or studied. Read More >>

Manchester Is the UK’s Capital City of Pirates

Ever wondered who pirates the most in Britain? According to the latest figures it's the Mancunians. Yes, Manchester is the capital of pirating Britain, with more illegal downloads per person than any other town or city in the UK. Read More >>

Tracked Stolen iPhone Leads Police to Smash Down the Wrong Door

In a massive technology fail, the rozzers kicked in an innocent man’s door after they wrongfully tracked a stolen iPhone to his humble abode. Read More >>